Story of Varadha’s emergence 2

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

Story of varadha’s emergence

<< Part 1

brahmA was shattered when Goddess saraswathi left him in a rage to start penance. He started analysing – “She was angered since I mentioned SrIdhEvi as the great, ignoring her name. She left me, understandably. But why to penance on the banks of river saraswathi (It is she in the form of the river)? Should anyone go to penance when angry? What may be the reason for this act?” … pondered brahmA – the Lord born from Lord nArAyaNa’s naval.

After prolonged analysis, virinchan (brahmA) got the answer.

He recollected what saraswathi told him once.

Once upon a time, when brahmA was chatting with saraswathi, their talk turned towards gangA. brahmA started adoring gangA. Hearing that, Goddess of words and wisdom turned unhappy.

saraswathi was saddened on seeing brahmA celebrating the Ganges – “ezhumaiyum koodi eendiya pAvam iraippozhuthu aLavanil ellAm kazhuvidum perumai gangai” (the famed gangA capable of removing all the sins committed birth after birth by mortals. In a flash it will free us of all our sins. The mere mention of her name will cleanse us free of all evils)

Angry if gangA is lauded.

Piqued if Goddess of wealth is extolled.

But saraswathi is not the type to get angry at everything.

(By and large, a woman does not accede to the virtues and greatness of other women.)

Lord, The Almighty, is enacting a drama, using saraswathi as a ploy, to get installed in kAnchi, so that we mankind may be blessed and protected.

Similar was his act while clouding kaikEyi’s mind in order to reveal his great virtues to the world.

And the confusion in arjuna’s mind so that the great githA may be preached.

So, this is also for our good!

saraswathi’s displeasure may be reasoned as follows “I, as saraswathi river, flow in spates above badhrikASram in the North. I have a special feature not given to other rivers. My flow is visible in some places. In some places, I become invisible and flow underneath the earth (antharvAhini).

(kvachithupalakshithA  kvachith apankura kUta gathi:  – dhayA Sathakam – SrI dhESikan also subscribes to this assertion)

This is unique to me.  gangA and other rivers do not have this quality.

But still, all including my husband raise their folded hands above heads and sing in praise “jaya, jaya”, the moment the name of gangA is mentioned. I am not destined for this glory – missed brahmA ’s wife.

As we proceed with the story, we will come to know this sacred saraswathi river appears as vEgavathi in kAnchi, this same saraswathi celebrated as a holy river in vEdhas and mahAbhAratha.

Another interesting anecdote to readers…  India’s first Indus valley civilization is really saraswathi river civilization. Recent geographical findings reveal that the civilization that was born on banks of saraswathi migrated to the banks of Ganges with passage of time.

So, saraswathi’s anger is justified. She considered herself superior to gangA since human culture itself got migrated to gangA from herself.

Aside: To Readers:

The results of excavations and findings of 19th century are included as added information

(saraswathi was convinced she was superior to gangA as human culture got migrated from her to gangA)

At the time of our story, when saraswathi got angry, these cultures had not yet made their appearance. 19th century findings are mentioned to add flavour to our narrative. It is only to endorse saraswathi’s conviction that she is greatest at the time of her getting enraged as well as at a later date when she donated civilization to banks of gangA, that this part is included.

Let us not enter into any confusion about whether there was any human civilization at the time of our story.


brahmA started reasoning patiently.

brahmA said  “vANi!! Don’t get angry. gangA is exalted by the fact she flows through my hand, the lotus feet of chathurbhujan (vishNu) and the head (in the matted locks) of Sankara. She is honoured by the three of us.

Importantly, she has the sole honour of flowing from the feet of nArAyanan (SrI pAdha thIrtham). saraswathi was silent when brahmA spoke to her then, but now she was wrathful and started penance. surajyEshtan (Superior among dhEvas – i.e., brahmA) realised it is only to get exalted over gangA that saraswathi is engaged in this penance.

He sighed on this thought.

Just then ayan (brahmA) got the news that bruhaspathi, the preceptor of dhEvas, had come with many others to meet him. One of the attendants conveyed the message secretly through one of his eight ears “My Lord, bruhaspathi, dhEvas and sages (rishis and munis) accompanying Siva are irate and furious quarrelling among themselves have come to see you” !

Thus said the servant making the four faced God dumb founded.

In a tone shivering with fear, he asked the attendant what the issue was.

What was the reply offered?

We will come to know shortly!!

adiyen thOthAdhri thirumalai rAmAnuja dAsan


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