Story of varadha’s emergence 4

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

Story of varadha’s emergence

<< Part 3


When brahmA ruled in favour of flour images of animals, rishis and munis became jubilant and danced in frolic, triumphantly. But dhEvas were vexed with the judgement of brahmA. They alleged that brahmA had illegally spoken against SAsthrams. He must be punished for the blunder he committed. They were firmly convinced in this.

It was only fair that live animals should be utilized in yAgams but strangely it was recommended that flour images could be offered in the sacred fire. For this offence, what could be the appropriate punishment? …debated dhEvas among themselves.

bruhaspathi was patiently observing the proceedings. What would he utter? Everyone looked at him expectantly. purOhit of dhEvas broke the silence.

brahmA! You are cursed. You have spoken against the traditions and rules governing penance. You henceforth will lose your position as brahmA.

You are ordained to perform not just one but one thousand aSwamEdha yAgams without blemish. Only then, you will get your post back. Moreover, you should complete the yAgams with live, real animals and not with pishta paSus as you had ruled in your verdict… This is the curse!!

Worried and enraged, brahmA in turn imposed a few scourges on bruhaspathi.

(Later it will come to light both got redeemed because of the divine grace of our varadhar)

brahmA’s position became pathetic despite the tit for tat he indulged in.

Yes…Any yAgA is tough to perform. aswamEdha yAgams is extra ordinary and tougher. Will it even be possible to do thousand aSwamEdha?  Head(s) reeled for brahmA. Head reeling is natural, to perform one thousand aSwamEdha.

He wondered “Why this? They could have applied and appealed for a revision and reconsideration of judgement if my award was not acceptable.


With you – readers

Many of the readers may concur with what brahmA awarded as the proper verdict. In yAgams, it may appear just that images and not real animals be offered as sacrifice.

SAsthrams rule “na himsyAth sarvA bhUthAni”- that living creature should not be harmed. The same scriptures recommend offering animals in yAgams and thus torturing them. It is difficult to digest as they appear contradicting each other.

But vEdhas have no inconsistencies at all. In some yAgams, it is ruled that animals must be sacrificed on the fire. It is neither against ahimsA nor against the sacred nature of yAga.

A doctor doing surgery cuts a part with hot knife. It might appear as wounding (causing harm) but the patient undergoing treatment would have a different tale. He would love the doctor since he is convinced that the operation is for his good. Though painful at the present moment, it will offer him good health in future.

Similarly animals that lose their lives in the penance have their souls reaching the heaven (swargam) and such holy abodes in the upper worlds. So this practice is not faulty.

SrI BhAshyam dwells on this in detail- it concludes there is no wrong committed in sacrificing goat or horse in yAgams.

This is given in the SrI BhAshyam’s explanation of brahmA sUthra verse – “..aSudhdhamithi chEth na SabdhAth..” 3.1.25.

It is improper to hurt an animal for our self-appeasement. But the same thing intended to serve its soul well is not at all a misdeed.

SAsthrams mentions “hiranya SarIra Urdhva swargam lOkamEthi” – which these animals sacrificed in their yAgams get a golden body and reach swargam and enjoy happily.

“yathrayanthi sukruthO  nAbhidhushkruthAhA thathra thvadhEva savithA dhadhAthu – You the animal, will reach the abode which is not easy to reach, May God Himself take you to that place” thus speaks vEdham, to the animals offered in oblation.

So, bruhaspathi got angered by brahmA’s ruling that went against SAsthram.


Thousand aSwamEdha… yes!! Should be performed. Having tasted position, and that too the supreme position of brahmA does not come easy!!… Thought brahmA.

Next problem is how to sit in yAgam without wife, who is called “pathni”, especially for her role in yAgam.

Only saraswathi is the first and foremost though there are other wives. brahmA was determined to face the problems… As problem multiplied and marched towards him, he descended on earth and started preparing for penance in thrivENi sangamam and naimiSAraNyam.

Through these yAgams, he would not only get cleansed of the sin and accusation resulting from awarding an unjust decree. He also wished to fulfil his desire to behold his father, the Lord without any equal.

chakshushAm avishayam” – Invisible to the naked eye is the trait of God.  Still determined to witness that “yenRenRum katkaNNAl kAnAdha avvuruvai” – invisible, unseeable figure, brahmA got ready.

Is it possible? Yes, it is. But not by own efforts.  He may appear to our eyes by His Grace only.

brahmA firmly believed he could. Just then a divine voice (aSarIrI) was heard; No figure to witness but only a voice to hear. What did that convey? – In the next episode..

adiyen thOthAdhri thirumalai rAmAnuja dAsan


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