Story of varadha’s emergence 7

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

Story of varadha’s emergence

<< Part 6

vishwakarmA hurriedly arrived as brahmA summoned. He was entrusted with the task of decorating and beautifying the holy place. He too willingly seized this great opportunity.

brahmA started explaining. “Abundant number of palaces must be built with all facilities. Guests arriving to witness yagya should not experience any kind of inconvenience or hardship. They must be made comfortable”.

vishwakarmA, in a gentle tender ton enquired “Oh Four faced brahmA! May I have an idea about the number of people likely to attend this yAgam?”

pithAmahA (brahmA) gleefully replied “vishwakarmA!  Lend me your attentive ears.

This aswamEdha yAgam remained supreme among all yAgams, will erase and dethrone all sins. It is devised to worship the Almighty Supreme Being (paramAthmA) principally and directly.

Also, this sathya vratha kshEthram enables us to complete the good deeds initiated here, without any hindrance. Lofty hasthigiri which offers us liberation (mukthi) from sins is situated here. That is the distinction of this place.

yAgam is preeminent, the place is equally grand. Many will willingly come. Is it not blissful and salutary even to witness such a penance?

Further, Holy Scriptures (SAsthram) dictates that we need not wait for a call to attend yAgams. Even uninvited, we must go and partake in the yAgam.  So, Asthikas (those who believe in vEdham & vEdAntham), would voluntarily arrive. dhEvas, humans and others may also come eagerly.

Preparation must befit the occasion. Enclosures for performing yAgams, the stage for the same, kitchens, dining halls, and theatres for cultural events, guest hostels and the like must be raised elegantly and splendidly.

When brahmA concluded vishwakarmA said “so will it be”. Speedily vishwakarmA fulfilled all he was told to do.

He made hasthigiri itself that was grand and noble, as uththara vEdhi. Our varadhan is going to emerge and emanate from this very place. (agnihOthram involves three kinds of fires (agni) – AhavanIyam, gArhpathyam and dakshinNAgni. The place in front of these is called mahAvEdhi. There are other places too namely sadhas and havirdhAnam .. Initially, fire will be generated for the performance of vELvi (yAgam). This place is known by the name uththara vEdhi).

vishwakarmA had carried out his assignment in an exquisite, splendid fashion. He made sathya vratha kshEthram seem like a capital city (rAjdhAni).

He invited brahmA to inspect the elegantly created city. ayan with great pleasure arrived and viewed. He was immensely satisfied and impressed. He lavishly praised the grandeur of vishwakarmA’s execution.

brahmA and other spectators were amazed by the beauty and splendour of the city. The palaces were embellished with varieties of diamonds, gold and other materials of their kind. The decoration had been carried out by expert artisans, sculptors and others competently.

ayan proclaimed proudly “henceforth this holy site will adopt the popular admired name kAnchi”.

“Why? It is already known by the name kAnchi, a name synonymous to ornament worn by Mother Earth on the waist.

Why then is brahmA so elated as if He is naming the city with a new name!!” wondered many with their eyebrows raised.

brahmA spoke “ka is one among my names. This place is kAnchi because it is here that SrI Hari is being worshipped by me, which is by “ka”. This abode is gifted with the power of nourishing and promoting virtues (puNya). The sky rained flowers.

There was no dearth of happiness, and brahmA face shone with gaiety.

But his son vaSishta looked sad and depressed. brahmA asked vaSishta for the reason.

His response made brahmA equally gloomy. The reason?

Let us wait till next episode..

adiyen thOthAdri thirumalai rAmAnuja dAsan


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