Story of varadha’s emergence 11-1

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

Story of varadha’s emergence

<< Part 10-2

brahmA was performing the penance with an intense urge to behold the supreme Leaders of dhEvas!  vaSishta, marIchi and equally great scholars of immense knowledge and wisdom were party in the conduct of yAgam. A large number of people had assembled to witness the yAgam.

brahmA pondered over the sustained obstacles for the yAgam and how the Almighty annulled them instantly. Involuntarily brahmA was extolling the Lord.

With what benevolence did the God, who is the lusturous essence of vEdhAnta, appeared as the light of the lamp; then appeared as narasimha and massacred the asuras!  – These were the words engaging the mouth of everyone.

It is said that there will be lot of hindrances for noble activities; Yes! We may conclude that only if there are stumbling blocks, the deed is indeed a good one.

How many are the obstacles we face while returning into a just, pious act? Wrong, when attempted, gets completed without peril. How strange are the ways!

His mind reflecting on these, ayan was lost in thoughts. He firmly believed that he and the vELvi would face problems now on too. But he was not worried.

Someone nearby asked ayan “brahmA.. Will problems continue to surface even now?”

brahmA replied “Yes. For sure”.

This unexpected reply from brahmA made the enquirer shocked and appalled. He stared at brahmA, his eyeballs appearing to drop out.

In a quivering voice, he quizzed “ayan! Are you prepared and armed to meet the hazards?”

“Certainly not!” replied ayan. “I do not believe I have the competence to overpower saraswathi, Her ire or her deeds.”

This made the inquirer further bewildered.

ayan grinned and continued “I only said I am not equipped and I cannot manage but did not say it is beyond the prowess and facility of God. Should we distrust Him after all this protection. He has offered again and again? His noble mind is seized with the idea of making His presence felt all over the city of kAnchi, using me as a tool.

I started the yAgam after His aSarIrI voice was heard. There have been obstacles from the outset but they are shattered with his patronage.

(We also need to have this wait. Hurdles do appear in multitude.  It is imperative that we have a staunch belief that He is by our side escorting us . He will never abandon us).

brahmA delivered these words in a composed manner. “My speculation is all about how He would appear next. And how am I going to render my gratitude, after His emergence!

What will be the next decorative avathAra of the one who came as the radiance of lamp and as a simhEndhran (king of lions) – That is what I am speculating now.”

Hearing him speak this way, vaSishta rushed to Him pouring encomium on his steadfastness.

“Respected brahmA! This faith and trust you have in God will surely do you good!!” Through you, we will also attain eminence.

With folded hands, brahmA stopped vaSishta when the latter tried to continue “Moreover saraswathi…”.

Intellect takes a back seat when people get incensed and enraged. But in this case, intellect (budhdhi – saraswathi) itself is angry. She would certainly not rest in peace. But don’t panic. Sri hari will take care”.

On hearing this talk from brahmA, all were overwhelmed by emotion and sang in praise of paraman (Supreme Being).

There on the banks of the river bearing Her name, saraswathi was engaged in deliberations with asuras. champarAsura and many other demons tried but failed to hamper the yAgam. Suddenly something flashed in the mind of kalai arasi (Goddess of Art & Knowledge), and she pronounced this name of kALi.

kALi appeared before saraswathi. The graceful chief of all knowledge commanded “kALi. You leave forthwith. Go to the place where brahmA is administering the yAgam, taking along with you a multitude of people. Mar the vELvi”.

Accompanied by many asuras, kALi left instantly.

She reached the land of penance, sporting an intimidating laughter, with blood stained sharp teeth hanging outwards, eyes issuing fiery, fierce stares and armed with many weapons. All were dismayed.

But brahmA alone stood smilingly with folded hands, looking in the direction opposite to kALi.

On this occasion, The Almighty God had emerged not after the arrival of troubles, but just a moment earlier than kALi showed herself.

It was Him that brahmA was worshipping.

Eyes resemble lotus drawn by talented painters, everything – his upper arms, mouth was exquisite and decorous. All stood amazed with lips widely parted. Who was He?

Shall we wait to know…?

adiyen thOthAdri thirumalai rAmAnuja dAsan


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