Story of varadha’s emergence 11-2

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

Story of varadha’s emergence

<< Part 11-1

The Supreme Lord showed Himself adorned with many weapons and armour, with His eight hands manifest. He had arrived to offer protection to brahmA and His yAgam.

Sporting a smile on His face He dared and countered kALi and her allies, the devilish cruel asuras. In no time, victory and triumph adorned Him. kALi was chased away and asurAs were razed and ruined.

For brahmA’s sake, He swiftly arrived and expeditiously accomplished the mission for which He came with His form. What a grace? Can’t help relishing.

pumsAm dhrushti chitthApahAriNam” – His stately elegance is such that even males sighting Him would develop feminine feeling.

“What benevolence towards me! He has raced and galloped to come here to protect me with all His eight valorous hands.

He has all parts of His body as if taken from a masterly painting. Even manmadha cannot be a match to Him and will pale and fade into nought. He possesses imperishable eternal beauty. He is nithya yuvA (ever youthful) and worth any amount of exaltation; choicest words of praise cannot be an exaggeration.

Like a drawing rendered by expert, proficient artists, He has lotus like eyes, graceful body and eight shoulders. He has occupied my heart fully!!” said ayan.

We may recall piLLaip perumAL iyengAr’s narration in thiruvarangak kalmbakam. He had unflinching devotion towards thiruvarangan. He wanted to depict thiruvaranganAthan in a drawing, and fulfilled his desire.

It was a lovely portrait, an exact replica of arangan. But piLLaip perumAL iyengAr was not pleased and started wailing.  Painting was complete. Viewers also said it was an exact image. Why then did iyengAr sop!

Asked for the reason, he said

vAzhum mavuliththuzhAy maNamum magarakkuzhai thOy vizhiyarulum malarndha pavaLath thirunagaiyum mArvilaNindha maNichchudarum thAzhumuLarith thirunAbith thadaththuLadangum anaiththuyirum charaNa kamalaththumaikELvan sadayiRpunalum kANenAl Azhamudayia karungadalin agadu kizhiyach chuzhiththOdi alaikkum kudakkAviri nAppaN aivAyaravil thuyilamudhai Ezhupirappil adiyavarai ezhudhAp periya perumAnai ezhudhavariya perumAnenReNNAdhu ezhudhiyirundhEnE!!”

“In the picture, see garland of thuLasi adorning His body. But it does not shoot out any fragrance”.

Eyes of God seem to converse (so live) but generosity and benefaction are not flowing out. What wrong did I commit?

This picture does not show the gushing laughter; it fails to provide us that feeling.

The blue complexioned gemstone didn’t radiate lustre. We are not able to see the belly that has the seven worlds, stomached by Him.

With the conviction that the holy feet of arangan are the only refuge, Lord Siva has the distinction of holding the holy water that has caressed the feet of arangan. This picture does not show the flowing gangA which is said the water which cleansed the lotus feet of hari, on Siva’s head.

The Lord who rests in the middle of ubhaya kAvEri on His bed, the five headed serpent awards liberation to those who surrender and submit to Him.

He is adored as “periya perumAL”.  His beauty is such that this grace cannot be completely portrayed in a picture.

I became oblivious to this fact and ventured copying His image. How ignorant have I been? Thus he censures himself.

The plight of piLLaip perumAL iyengAr was similar to that of brahmA on seeing the Lord with eight arms and shoulders.

“Shall I eye His beautiful face or His lovely nose akin to buds and similar parts of kaRpaga vruksham? I am at a loss! Or will I look at His pretty red lips?

What will I attempt? What am I going to miss?

thiNkaimmA thuyar thIrththavan, eN kaiyAnai en mun niRpadhE” – He who saved gajEndhra, the mighty elephant, stands before me as Lord of eight hands” exclaimed brahmA.

purANa also speaks of the episode of God showering mercy on the elephant –

sa pIdyamAno balinA makarENa gajOthama|
prabhEthE charanam dhEvam thathraiva ashtabhujam harim||”

brahmA started venerating with these words “You are the sole intimate succour (trustworthy benefactor) for the pious.

The list of virtuous traits of yours is endless (futile attempting).

Named as “AdhikESavan” you have selected this as your eternal abode with the sole aim of protecting souls like me”.

purANa glorified the Lord enshrined here (ashta bhujap perumAL) as the saviour of gajEndhra.

pEyAzhwar’s verses (“thottapadaiyettum...”) also narrates the tale of God saving gajEndhra.

Are you aware that to get rid of fear due to evil dreams, the asylum is gajEndhra varadhan alias “ashta bhujap perumAL” ?

“Really?”.. if you ask with raised eyebrows, stay that way and greet the next part.


In part 11-3 of varadhan vandha kathai, ashta bhujap perumAL takes the centre stage. It is devoted to Him.  Followed by the greatness of bhIjagiri kshEthra, thiruppARkadal kshEthra and thiruvehkA. Only then will shower the blissful glance of aththigiri  appan. Thanks are due to the readers for the patience and support.


adiyen thOthAdri thirumalai rAmAnuja dAsan


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