Story of varadha’s emergence 13

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

Story of varadha’s emergence

<< Part 12-2

vEgavathi is making rapid strides towards kAnchi. God lay as a barricade in two places. Having witnessed His form as revealed by Him, she longed to have another dharSan (glimpse). Desire (to see) is the only requirement to see Him.

periyAzhwar and AndAL (Father and daughter) in their devotional hymns have convincingly conveyed that to reach Him the prime requisite is the desire to reach Him – “kUdumanamudaiyIrgaL varambozhi vandhollai kUduminO” (thirupallANdu) & “pOdhuvIr pOdhuminO” (thiruppAvai)

thirumangai AzhwAr advocates the same – “AsaiyO perithu koLga alaikadal vaNNar pAlE”. (Let us have our Great desire towards the ocean colored perumAL).

saraswathi’s passion for a dharSan of nArAyaNan made herself as the river, such was her pace.

The sound of the waves of the river seemed to echo her intent. What exactly was she thinking?!

The grief of not worshipping Him though she had run into Him twice, tormented her. She longed to see Him once more! This time, she was determined not to stop with just offering prayers, but she would eternally stay with Him, with her eyes fixed on His holy feet. It seemed this thought of her was echoed in the sound of the waves.

dhEvas and brahmA also submitted themselves to God. They strongly believed that God who had earlier saved them from all the perils and danger would continue to be their saviour in kAnchi and in the neighbourhood of hasthiSailam (aththigiri).

He renders Himself simple and easy to those who amass love for Him in heart. He will surely emerge.

Once again lying as sEthu (dam) the glamorous Lord appeared as feast on the eyes of onlookers.

Devoid of likes, dislikes, anger, contempt & other evil traits due to her allies till then, saraswathi caressed His holy feet. Feeling ashamed and humble, her heart burdened by and full of love was singing the glory of His feet.

On the western side of hasthiSailam, the saviour was lying as “vEgAsEthu” – barricade to arrest and confine the rapidly flowing river.

With gleaming eyes and unfading smile, He started addressing

mathpAdhajAya:  gangAyA api thE Sraishtyam uththamam; dhaththam mayA adhunA kshEthrE madhIyE  punyA varthanE |
yasmAth vegAth anuprApthA kshEthram sathyavratham prathi: thasmAth vEgavathi ithi AkhyAm labdhvA vasa mathAnjayA |
aham chApi uththarE thIrE thava vathsyAmi shObhanE ||” –

(It will immensely benefit us to recite and hear above sacred SlOkas from purANAs.  These are added here for the benefit of readers)

saraswathi! You will be celebrated as superior to gangA. Everyone will salute you, who will be known as vEgavathi. I shall for ever rest on your bank, on the northern side.  Promises and boons shot out of vEga aNaip perumAL (vEga aNai became vehkanai finally became vehkA).

Happily and joyfully saraswathi was pouring encomiums on Him.

“The name vEgabAgai (vEgavathi) has grown close to my heart. ApakA is the name given to a flooded river. My Lord! When I gushed flooding forward, you stopped and gave refuge to me.

My Lord, who rest here in vehkA in the sleeping pose, I have no competence to praise you.

This slave of yours is blessed to have this dharSan of “unniya yOgaththu uRakkaththinai” (you in the yogic sleeping form). Have you willingly chosen this place to lie over your “pAnthan pAzhi” (snake bed)?

Oh kachchi Dweller! You have not taken the honorific aNai (Dam) form today.

vEdham declares “amruthasya Esha sEthu:” – You are an aNai (Saviour) to anybody with an eye on liberation from this ocean of samsAra.

Seeing your beauty and the tinge of your skin we wonder if the blue stone of indhra lies here as the dam.

You the saviour of all the worlds, lie amidst me in your bed of snakes. Inhabitants of all the three worlds enjoy this sight which is at once a feast to their eyes and minds.

I have shed my anger. I have realised my stature. With a perturbed heart, I  have caused innumerable disruptions. But you have taken me over (as your devotee) instead of getting irked and irate.

In so many words, saraswathi venerated and paid homage to Him. Joyfully brahmA also joined her.

aNai (God) offered blessing to this iNai (denotes a pair in thamizh; Pair of brahmA and saraswathi).

I act exactly as I speak (my words and deeds are in unison). I emerged below bIjagiri and in thiruppARkadal and you longed to see me again. I agreed to come. As I gave my word, I have come. As the only saviour and protector of the world, I shall rest here for ever. One and all will salute me as the authority of fulfilling justifiable pleas and appeals” said Almighty.

He continued “brahmA! No need to worry, vELvi will be completed fittingly. Fear not. Shortly the reward due to your will appear before your eyes. That prize is not for you only. That is a gift for this world.

Wait for that!”

We may also wait for that!!

adiyen thOthAdhri thirumalai rAmAnuja dAsan


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