Story of varadha’s emergence 14-3

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

Story of varadha’s emergence

<< Part 14-2

The magnanimous, magnificent pErarurALan (varadhan) was sporting a smile accepting brahmA’s accolades and adoration. brahmA too continued to hand salutations to God pondering over His generous compassion.

“Oh God! AmudhalvA (The first and foremost)! It has again been proved that you alone guide and conduct those who trust you .

You stand alone. You are the independent power. How much love you store for your devotees? O bhaktha vathsalA! (One who cares for bhakthas) I was shattered by the curse of bruhaspathi and the ire of saraswathi. I would have become a no-body or non-entity had you not showered your benevolence.

You came as aSarIrI; commanded me to go to sathya vratha kshEthram; showed me kAnchi; gifted this mount dhandhAvaLa giri for yAgam;

You wrecked and smashed the disruptions attempted by saraswathi and asuras; when the threat came from champarAsura, you came as the brilliance of lamp (viLakkoLip perumAL) to ward off; when the crowd of asuras came and caused troubles, you showed yourself as narasimha (vELukkai ALari). When saraswathi employed kALi and asuras, you revealed yourself as ashtabhujap perumAL. You blew up the evils.

You showed yourself as sayanESan (in paLLikoNdAn) to us. You appeared as ranganAthan in thiruppARkadal. You showered your blessings as vehkaNaip perumAL.

Now here at this moment, you stand smiling in the middle of agni (fire), showering your grace.

Who can fully celebrate your love and virtues? The four vEdhas, if they search, won’t succeed in locating you. When I failed in my efforts to see you, standing with no asylum, it is you who appeared before my eyes, on your own free will.

vEdhas are the eyes for the world; and you are the black eye ball at the centre of the eye. Is there any match for you in raining mercy? You are like ocean. Who can have a view of your whole self? Like water you protect this world. The land still carries even those who abuse the earth. You are equal to earth (bhUmi) in bearing with our faults and misdeeds.

If we venture to investigate your traits, we end up with the conclusion that there is no other like you.

Your complexion is that of dark cloud; you the saviour of elephant!

My beloved kaNNA!!

Am I praising you or am I talking rubbish?

I am not sure. I am totally ignorant.

I met you on the mount karigiri. At that instant of your sight my miseries totally vanished as I have realised.

I am fortunate. I am favoured said an emotional brahmA.

“kAnthagu thoLaNNal thennaththiyUrar kaNNan” (He, who has shoulders that are a treat to the eyes) – the Lord of aththigiri, varadhan smiled. His hands signalled “Fear not”. He started speaking to brahmA.

What did he say?…

Let us wait..

adiyen thOthAdri thirumalai rAmAnuja dAsan


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