Story of varadha’s emergence 15-1

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

Story of varadha’s emergence

<< Part 14-3

The blemishless Lord of aththigiri looked at ayan and spoke

“My son, brahmA! You have met with quite a few trials and tribulations (in your endeavour) but unmindful of that you have successfully completed the yAgam and fittingly too. Your unwavering mind and firm resolve make me pleased. Ask me what boon you solicit and have it. I am prepared to grant.

varam varaya thasmAth thvam yathAbhimatham Athmana:
sarvam sampathsyathe pumsAm mayI dhrushtipadham kathE||

“Now I have rendered myself visible to human beings. For them too everything will be fruitful and booming. Ask me, you will get”, said God.

Eyeing God, karigiri kaNNan, in front of him, the Lotus dweller, spoke to the supreme Lord in a polite tone. “swAmi ! It is really rare and curious that felicity itself is asking what felicity is solicited.

I do not believe that I have achieved anything through my endeavour. I have no refuge other than your merciful succour and support. It is plain truth.

Oh Exalted Being (perumAL)! Only elevated souls (mahAthmAs) like anantha, garuda, vishvaksEna and the like are gifted to behold your form. I have now been blessed with that. Is there any boon, any benefactor other than this?

My position or standing is transient. There must be abundant number of planetary groups (brahmAndasl) in your creation. And in there, there will be numerous brahmAs, who knows?

Presently I happen to be brahmA in a sathya lOka in one of those very many brahmAndas, by your grace. It is as difficult to count the number of brahmAs who have been in brahmA’s  post so far, as it is to count the number of grains of sand in Ganges or the rain drops in a downpour from indhra.

My eyes having feasted the nectar (of your sight), would not ask for anything else – “ennamudhinaik kaNda kaNgal maRRonRinaik kANAdhu

I have only one appeal to make to you!  You must adorn and stay in this place, kachchi for all time to come.

vaikuNtE thu yathA lOke yadhaiva kshIra sAgarE|
thathA sathyavratha kshEthrE nivAsasthE bhavEdhiha||

hasthiSailasya SikharE sarva lOka namaskruthE|
puNyakOti vimAnEsmin paSyanthu thvAm narAs sadhA||”

As in your fancied, favourite places. vaikuNta and thiruppARkadal, here in this sathyavratha kshEthra also, on this thiru aththigiri in puNya kOti vimAna grant our sight so that people may offer prayers and worship any time.

My compassionate Lord (Mother like)! This is what I beseech” petitioned brahmA.

God too agreed “brahmA! I assure that I will be station here eternally so that all can have a vision of me.

Are you happy? I have appeared to your eyes in this first yuga and I have many more missions to accomplish in the coming yugas.

Hear me as I list out” said the Lord.

To know the contents of the list, we will enter the next part…

adiyen thOthAdri thirumalai rAmAnuja dAsan


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