Story of varadha’s emergence 15-2

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

Story of varadha’s emergence

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brahmA prayed to God that benevolence personified God should dwell permanently in thiru aththigiri standing as a Light that will be venerated by posterity. And breezed past from God’s mouth the words “So be it”…

brahmA too wished to stay in kAnchi. After having tasted and enjoyed this “ArAvamudhu” (Unending Elixir, nectar) , was reluctant to get back to sathyalOka.

He expressed his desire to the Lord of vEzhamalai that  “nithyam niraparAdEshu kainkaryEshu niyungshva mAm” – he be allowed to stay here itself for the favour of serving at the feet of dhEvap perumAL of kAnchi.

But God thought otherwise “Four faced! I hail and complement your bhakthi. But (remember) you occupy brahmA’s position by My decree and accordingly you are executing your duties. Those at sathyalOka miss you because of your absence there and they eagerly await your return there.  It is my will that you must go there. Forever I shall reside in your chaste, spotless heart. Fear not. Hurry and reach your world.

I am pleased by your conduct during the vELvi and your love during the vELvi. You offered havirbAgas directly to me instead of through dhEvas. Saddened, dhEvas enquired you about this and your reply is worth printing in letters of Gold (Highly meritorious).

By custom different dhEvas would be offered havirbAgam (food of havir). But generally these yAgas are preformed aiming at trivial rewards and pleasures. But this yAga was not aiming at any reward or return. It was to worship the One who awards the rewards. So you ventured to submit havis to Supreme Being directly and you did so.

I hail your resolve and congratulate you” so said varadhan.

Four faced (brahmA) recalled what pErarurALan had said. He had mentioned that he had some tasks to accomplish at kAnchi in the days to come. Curious to know, about the details, brahmA enquired hari.

“Listen” bhagavAn commenced his words ”In this first yuga, krutha yuga, you worshipped me. Likewise, in the next yuga, thrEthA, gajEndhra will offer prayers.

In dhvApara yuga, bruhaspathi who was earlier cursed by you and also suffering a few other curses, will be here to pray to me (Readers my recall the mutual curses exchanged between brahmA and bruhaspathi).

In kali yuga AdhiSEshan will offer invocations.

Eternally I will stand here in aththigiri as mAmaNi vaNNan, granting favour and benefaction perpetuating sanAthana dharma, protecting the pious. I will unite in wedlock with perundhEvi, the daughter of sage bhrugu. As perundhEvi maNALan (husband), as kali yuga varadhan, as a guide to the right path, easily approachable to devotees, I will stay here offering protection and patronage.

maNavAla mAmunigaL has also rendered

athyApi sarvabhUthAnAm abhIshta pala dhAyinE|
praNathArthi harAyAsthu prabhavE mama mangaLam||”

– My salutations to the leader who remains even now the target of all eyes, who liberally grants favours who frees devotees from grief.

I ordain you administer the distinguished uthsava (holy ritualistic function), brahmOthsava, in a unique manner, culminating in thIrthavari (holy dip) for me (born in hastham day – chithrA month).

This will be celebrated in the month of vaIkAsi on the day of SravaNam.

brahmA submitted that he would act as ordered. He got back to his world after completing the uthsava in a befitting manner.

varadhan deliberated in His mind.

I have just informed brahmA that AdhiSEshan would worship me in kali yuga.

Who else but Me would know about the very many plans I have.

To nourish the sacred tenet of Sri VaishNavsim, nammAzhwAr must be blessed with “mayarvaRa madhinalam” – a mind and wisdom free from confusion and cloudiness of samsAra. I must enjoy listening to bhUdhaththAzhwAr’s song in praise my garuda sEvA. I have to donate wealth and riches to thirumangai AzhwAr so that he would not languish in the prison of chOLa king, grieving “vAdinen vAdi” (periya thirumozhi 1-1-1).

I have to guide AlavandhAr who would venerate me, then would identify my rAmAnuja – bhUthapurISar, yathirAjA (king of saints) as Amudhalvan (the first and foremost).

I have to, in the company of perundhEvi rescue and save my child rAmAnuja from the forest of vindhyA mountain. I have to drink to my heart’s content the sweet water fetched by rAmAnuja from sAlaik kiNaru (A sacred roadside well).

How much I have to talk to thirukkachi nambigal, essentially six words for rAmAnuja. I am waiting for the pleasure of the breeze from thirukkachi nambi’s Alavattam (hand fan).

I have to send rAmAnuja to SrIrangam with araiyar. I must have the pleasure of hearing kUrESan sing varadharAja sthavam. I have to drink the milk offered by nadAthur ammAL . I shall be born as piLLai lokAchArya and deliver ashtAdhasa rahasyam. SrI bhAshyam and eedu should be nourished. I must shower blessing on vEnkatESa ghantAvathArar vEdhAntha dhEsikan who will live with me as the soul of his life and breath.

Importantly, I have to listen and enjoy listening daily to ubhaya vEdhAntha (vEdhAntha in Sanskrit and Tamil). This should be unique to this place, not practised elsewhere.

I must earn the fame “arulichcheyal piththan” ( the one crazy of dhivya prabhandam  ).

Will I not suffer kaN drishti ( effect of evil eyes) if I have all this glory?  It will be good if a compassionate one with great concern sings mangaLASAsanam (to ward off this evil).

maNavALa mAmunigaL, who is hailed as viSathavAk SikAmaNi is going to recite SlOkas as mangaLASAsanam with care and concern. I must listen to them.

I must earn the fame “sampradhAyap perumAL” (God caring for sacred conventions) pEraruLALan pondered.

So many desires within Me.

He planned in krutha yuga and got these great assets and wealth in kali yuga.

The Lord smiled musing over all those brahmA did not know then. And now we know.

What a unique benefactor of varadhan. This story of varadha’s emergence is the seed for all other stories. We are gifted and fortunate to have had a chance of reading this.

“We are peerless in the world”  We keep saying forever!!!

The end

adiyen thOthAdri thirumalai rAmAnuja dAsan


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