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avathArikai (Introduction)

When asked “Where did we see that?” piLLai lOkAchAryar is showing that from previously discussed aspects.

sUthram 29

dhraupadhI snAthaiyayanRE prapaththi paNNiRRu; arjunan nIsar naduvEyiRE ivvartham kEttadhu.

Simple Explanation

dhraupadhi performed prapaththi without bathing (during her menstrual cycle). arjunan heard the meaning of prapaththi amidst lowly people.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

dhraupadhI …

snAthaiyAyanRE prapaththi paNNiRRu – While arriving at the grand assembly being dragged by dhuSSAsana, dhraupadhI who was impure performed prapaththi without bathing as said in mahAbhAratham sabhA parvam “rajasvalaika vasthrAham nathumAmnEthum arhasi | guruNAncha pura:sthAthum sabhAyAm nAham uthsahE ||” (Dragging me who is in my menstrual cycle, wearing a single garment is not apt. I cannot tolerate to be present in front of the preceptors and in the grand assembly); with this – it is shown that there is no restriction to be ritually pure before performing surrender.

nIsar naduvEyiRE ivvartham kEttadhu – Here, nIsar (lowly persons) implies the unfavourable persons who are known as “SaurichinthA” (remembering krishNa) as mercifully said by thirumangai AzhwAr in periya thirumozhi 11.6.8 “nedundhagaiyai ninaiyAdhAr nIsar thAmE” (Those who don’t think about sarvESvara are very lowly).

Those who turn away from bhagavAn are said to be the most lowly dog-eaters as in “vishNu bhakthi vihInasthu yathiScha SvapachAdhAma:” (One who is devoid of devotion towards vishNu, even if a sage, he is lower than a dog-eater); SrI bhAgavatham “viprAth dhvishat guNayuthAth aravindhanAbha | pAdhAravindha vimukAch chvapacham varishtam ||” (A dog-eater is greater than a brAhmaNa who has twelve prominent qualities, yet unfavourable towards the divine lotus feet of one who has a lotus navel); further, the armies are having those karma chaNdALars (those who have acquired the qualities of a dog-eater by their actions) as said in brahmANda purANam “sadhyaS chaNdALathAm vrajEth” (will immediately acquire the nature of a chaNdALa) due to insulting dhraupadhi who is surrendered to krishNa and doing bad to pANdavas who are surrendered to krishNa.

nIsar naduvE – By saying this, it appears that the lowliness acquired by arjuna is due to his proximity with lowly people. With this, the restriction “while hearing about prapaththi, it cannot be done amidst lowly persons” is negated.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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