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avathArikai (Introduction)

When asked “But what is so great in archAvathAram in comparison to parathvam (bhagavAn’s form in paramapadham) as said in ‘vAsudhEvOsi pUrNa:‘ (Oh vAsudhEva! You are complete in all qualities)?” piLLai lOkAchAryar mercifully explains.

sUthram 37

prapaththikku apEkshithangaLAna saulabhyAdhigaL iruttaRaiyil viLakkup pOlE prakASippadhu ingE.

Simple Explanation

Qualities such as saulabhyam which are expected for prapaththi (surrender) are shining like a lamp in a dark room, here [in archAvathAram].

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

prapaththikku …

prapaththikku apEkshithangaLAna

What is required while bhagavAn is to be held as upAyam (means).


saulabhyam (easy approachability) which is required for one to see and hold on to, sauSeelyam (simplicity) which is required for one to not leave seeing the supremacy, svAmithvam (lordship) which is required to have faith that bhagavAn will fulfil the desire and vAthsalyam (motherly forbearance) which is required for him to not be angry upon seeing the faults of jIvAthmAs – AzhwAr explained these four qualities only in thiruvAimozhi 6.10.10 “nigaril pugazhAy, ulagam mUnRudaiyAy, ennai ALvAnE, nigaril amarar munikkaNangaL virumbum thiruvEngadaththAnE” (Oh one who has the great fame of vAthsalyam, one who is the owner of all worlds, one who rules me, one who is present as thiruvEngadamudaiyAn being desired by all).

iruttaRaiyil viLakkup pOlE prakASippadhu ingE

Though all of these qualities are available in parathvam also, since it is an abode where he is presenting himself to those who are on a par with him, these qualities will not have much radiance, like a lamp in the day time; but in these archAvathAra sthalams (divine abodes), as he is presenting himself to the most lowly samsAris (worldly people), he will appear with great radiance, like a lamp in darkness. The qualities will only shine where there is apt recipient to receive such qualities; even the residents of paramapadham descend here to enjoy emperumAn’s simplicity. piLLai lOkAchAryar mercifully highlighted saulabhyam first to emphasise that it is primarily required for prapaththi, to see and hold on to emperumAn.

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