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avathArikai (Introduction)

Alternatively, even if such an act (of giving up one’s life for the sake of bhagavAn) is considered as part of means, while it will destroy one’s ananyOpAyathvam (not being engaged in any other means), it will not cause any defect in those who are bound by love. To establish this, piLLai lOkAchAryar is explaining the acts of those who are bound by love.

sUthram 90

ananyOpAyathvamum, ananyOpEyathvamum, ananya dhaivathvamum kulaiyumbadiyAna pravruththi kANA ninROmiRE.

Simple Explanation

We have seen acts which destroy ananyOpAyathvam (not being engaged in any other means), ananyOpEyathvam (not being engaged in any other goal) and ananya dhaivathvam (not being engaged with any other dhEvathA) [Implies that there is no fault in such aspects if it occurs in those who are bound by love].

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

ananyOpAyathvamum …

ananyOpAyathvam kulaiyumbadiyAna pravruththi

Engaging in activities such as performing nOnbu (vratham), madal (publicly revealing the desire for someone) etc as seen in

  • nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 1.6 “thirundhavE nORkinREn” (performing this penance to attain clarity)
  • nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 1.8 “nORkinRa nOnbinaik kuRikkoL” (consider my penance)
  • thiruvAimozhi 5.3.9 “kudhiriyAy madalUrdhum” (I am performing madal without any shame)
  • periya thirumozhi 9.3.9 “Odhi nAmam” (Reciting your name)
  • siRiya thirumadal “UrAdhozhiyEn nAn – vArAr pUm peNNai madal” (I cannot avoid performing madal with long palm leaves, even if the townspeople blame me)
  • periya thirumadal “ulagaRiya Urvan nAn – manniya pUm peNNai madal” (I will perform madal with firm palm leaves, to be known by the whole world)

ananyOpEyathvam kulaiyumbadiyAna pravruththi

Instead of remaining that the goal is to bring greatness to bhagavAn only, seeking greatness for self as said in

  • periya thirumozhi 9.3.9 “namakkE nalam Adhalail” (if this leads to our goal)
  • thiruvAimozhi 5.3.10 “thUmalarth thaNNandhuzhAy malar koNdu sUduvOm” (We will decorate ourselves with cool, beautiful thuLasi garland with pure flowers)

ananya dhaivathvam kulaiyumbadiyAna pravruththi

Considering kAma dhEva (cupid) as God and worshipping him as said in

  • nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 1.1 “kAmadhEvA unnaiyum umbiyaiyum thozhudhEn” (Oh kAmadhEva! I worship you and your brother).
  • nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 1.8 “pEsuvadhu onRuNdu ingemperumAn” (Oh my lord kAma dhEva! I have something to tell you)

kANA ninROmiRE

We have seen this in very knowledgeable persons who have great love towards bhagavAn.

The previously explained act [of piLLai thirunaRaiyUr araiyar giving up his own life in being unable to tolerate emperumAn’s divine form getting damaged] will naturally end up as upAyam (means), though he did not perform that act as upAyam; unlike that, here these were performed as upAyam being unable to bear the separation; hence, these will not be considered as faults for those who are bound by love towards bhagavAn. This is the underlying principle.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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