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avathArikai (Introduction)

When asked “Are there any pramANams (proof from scriptures) for emperumAn becoming easily satisfied?” piLLai lOkAchAryar subsequently explains.

sUthram 139

pathram pushpam” “anyath pUrNAth” “purivadhuvum pugai pUvE

Simple Explanation

SrI bhagavath gIthA 9.26pathram pushpam” (Leaf, flower etc can be offered with love), mahAbhAratham “anyath pUrNAth” (since he is complete, he won’t expect anything), thiruvAimozhi 1.6.1purivadhuvum pugai pUvE” (one can offer any smoke or flower)

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

pathram puspam …

emperumAn himself mercifully said in SrI bhagavath gIthA 9.26pathram pushpam palam thOyam yO mE bhakthyA prayachchathi | thadhaham bhakthyupahrutham aSnAmi prayathAthmana: ||” (He who submits a leaf, flower, fruit or water to me with love, I accept/eat/enjoy such material which is dedicated with love by that pure hearted person) – if one offers a leaf, fruit or water, having a pure heart which is not seeking anything in return, I, who have no unfulfilled desires, accept with bewilderment caused by great love just as he will offer the material with bewilderment caused by great bhakthi.

sanjaya said in mahAbhAratham “anyath pUrNAth apAm kumbAth anyath pAdhAvanE janAth | anyath kuchala sampraSnAth nachEchchathi janArdhana: ||” (sarvESvaran is not desiring for anything but a [sacred] pot filled with water; he does not desire anything but washing his desire feet; he does not desire for anything but a loving enquiry) – that is – when krishNa was going as the divine messenger, dhritharAshtran told sanjaya along the lines of “krishNa who has favouritism towards pANdavas is coming; let us offer some kingdom and gold to him and take him in to our side”; sanjaya knowing well the disharmony between dhritharAsthra’s mind and words, said “krishNa who is coming here is not like that; he only expects this [as in the SlOkam]” That is – one will usually have a pot from which he drinks cool water; one can just place that at the entrance when krishNa arrives; nothing more is needed; general SAsthram says that when a guest arrives at one’s home, one should wash the guest’s feet; one can simply wash the divine feet of krishNa as per that rule; one need not do anything special matching krishNa’s greatness; one will usually enquire the well-being of a visitor who has travelled a distance and arrived; as per this custom, one can gently enquire krishNa and need not praise him any further; it is explained that bhagavAn does not expect anything more than these. With this, sanjaya has implied “Will krishNa consider the kingdom and gold which you are thinking to offer him as worthy? If you are able to do so, just do these aspects revealing your favourable intent towards him”.

“parivadhil Isanaip pAdi virivadhu mEval uRuvIr pirivagai inRi nal nIr thUy purivadhuvum pugai pUvE” (Oh those who have strong conviction on singing (the glories) of sarvESvaran who is the exact opposite of all inauspicious qualities and acquiring natural blossoming of oneself (self-realisation)! Instead of moving away from emperumAn (after getting your desires fulfilled), just offer pure water (even irregularly but with love) and submit some incense and flowers) – AzhwAr explained the easily worshippable nature of emperumAn very clearly in this pAsuram. That is – Oh those who would like to be liberated from samsAra, enjoy bhagavAn and sing as said in thaiththirIya upanishath “Ethath sAma gAyan nAsthE” (They remain singing the sAma vEdham) due to the love developed towards emperumAn, and to have fully expanded knowledge! Instead of leaving bhagavAn, considering the shortcomings in self, using plain water in any way, and offering him generously some smoke (as incense) and some flower, worship him. This is what is expected by him.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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