yathIndhra pravaNa prabhAvam : Part – 8

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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During the time that nampiLLai and his disciples were living in SrIrangam, looking after SrIvaishNava dharSanam (philosophy of SrIvaishNavam), there was a lady who was his disciple and who lived in the house abutting nampiLLai’s. One day, when nampiLLai was conducting a class for his disciples, one of his disciples asked the lady to give up her residence since nampiLLai’s residence has become a bit too small to accommodate all his disciples. She told him “Will anyone get a piece of land in the temple? I will not give up my residence as long as I am alive”. The disciple told nampiLLai about their conversation. nampiLLai called her and told her “Is it not sufficient if you have enough land to rest your body? This place [his residence] has become too cramped with many disciples residing. Hence, you have to give your residence”. The lady replied “I will do just as you have done; however, you should grant me a place in paramapadham (SrIvaikuNtam) in exchange for this”. nampiLLai told her “Isn’t paramapadhanathan alone authorised to grant that? I will appeal to him and get you a place there”. She said “swAmy! I am an ignorant lady, not knowing anything. It is not enough if you say that you will ask him to grant it to me. You have to write a note for him, sign it and give it to me”. nampiLLai wrote on a palm leaf “On such and such day, month and year, I, thirukkalikanRidhAsan (another name of nampiLLai), have given in writing to this lady to give a piece of land in paramapadham. I request the lord of all the worlds, who is my lord too, to grant her that”; signing that leaf, he gave it to her. The lady was overwhelmed and kept it on top of her head, obtained prasAdham from nampiLLai, prostrated in front of nampiLLai on that day as well as the next day and on the third day, relinquished her body and left for paramapadham.

We will see nampiLLai’s thaniyans (special SlOkams, featuring his greatness):

vEdhANtha vEdhyAmrutha vArirASE: vEdhArtha sArAmrutha pUramargyam l
AdhAyavarshantham aham prapadhyE kAruNya pUrNam kalivairidhAsam ll

(I take refuge under thirukkalikanRidhAsar who is full of compassion and who showers the nectarean flood of the essence of the meanings of vEdhAnthams (upanishaths) taken from the nectarean ocean of nanjIyar)

namAmi tham mAdhavaSishya pAdhau yathsannitham sUkthimayam pravishtA: l
thathraiva nithyasthithi mAthriyanthE vaikuNta samsAra vimuktha chiththA: ll

(I bow down to the divine feet of nampiLLai, who is the disciple of mAdhavar (nanjIyar). The disciples of nampiLLai cherish being in the sannidhi of nampiLLai where the divine hymns of AzhwArs and AchAaryars are recited constantly and their minds do not desire SrIvaikuNtam or samsAram)

vArthOncha vruththyApi yadhIyagOshtyAm gOshtyantharANAm prathmAbhavanthi
SrImadhkalidhvamsana dhAsanAmnE thasmainamassUkthi mahArNavAya

(I bow down to that thirukkalikanRidhAsar who is a SrIsUkthimahArNavam (a huge ocean of AzhwAr’s divine hymns). Those who pick up a few words from the discourses of such nampiLLai in his [SrIvaishNava] assembly, become heads in other [SrivaishNava] assemblies).

nenjaththirundhu nirandharamAga nirayaththuykkum
vanjakkuRumbin vagai aRuththEn mAyavAdhiyar thAm
anjappiRandha seemAdhavanadikkanbu seyyum
thanjaththoruvan chAraNAmbuyam en thalaikkaNindhE

(I wear the divine lotus-like feet of nampiLLai as an ornament on my head. nampiLLai is a great AchAryan, by constantly thinking of whom, all the evil deeds which will lead me to hell will get severed. Alternatively, the three egoistic roots of being well educated, being rich and being in a great clan will get eradicated by constantly thinking about nampiLLai. He is such a person who serves the lotus feet of SrImAdhavan (nanjIyar) seeing whom the mAyAvAdhis (those who give wrong interpretation to vEdhas) would tremble in fear. He is the refuge for all). 

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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