yathIndhra pravaNa prabhAvam – Part 17

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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They consoled his son, appan piLLai, who was with them and told him “Do not grieve, since he had given up his divine form in AzhwAr’s kainkaryam; AzhwAr considers you as his son; whatever had been promised to thOzhappar will be carried out for you”. They then brought AzhwAr’s divine vigraham to mundhirippu, conducted thirumanjanam (divine bath) for five days. Robbers, who were living around that place, on hearing these incidents, came there, worshipped AzhwAr, gave back whatever they had robbed earlier from AzhwAr and others, donated a palanquin to take AzhwAr to thirukkaNAmbi and ensured safe passage for AzhwAr and the entourage. A huge periya thiruvadi pakshi (garuda) went flying over AzhwAr all the way to thirukkaNAmbi, built a nest on a tree there and lived there. Looking with amazement at this, the people worshipped AzhwAr, celebrated this event, made offerings appropriate to their standing, observed uthsavam (festival in the temple) every day as well as on special occasions. Hearing about these amazing events, nambUdhiri pOththimArs (belonging to the clan of priests) in surrounding dhivyadhESams such as thiruvananthapuram, thiruvAttARu, thiruvaNparisAram, thiruvallavAzh etc came to thirukkaNAmbi, worshipped AzhwAr and did not wish to leave him. Every day, during the time of dawn, offerings were made to AzhwAr, such as curd rice, dhOsai made of ghee, puffed rice preparations made with jaggery etc and a variety of rice preparations during the course of the day until noon. Then, they made AzhwAr to rest a while and in the evenings, after thiruvArAdhanam, offered him uppu sARRamudhu (a delicacy in the Southern parts of India, made with tamarind and water), dhOsai, puffed rice etc and in the night, syrup made with dry ginger and milk, rice preparations etc. These arrangements were made by pOththimArs, with deep affection for AzhwAr. Just as the case was with AzhwAr thirunagari (the birth place of AzhwAr and the place where his vigraham was originially installed, before being moved out to safeguard from invaders), all the disciples and mutt heads stayed there, out of deep affection for AzhwAr, celebrating festivals at appropriate times.

Now, incidents at temple (SrIrangam)

After namperumAL left SrIrangam, just as ayOdhyA lost all its richness and beauty as per the saying “abhivrukshA: parimlAnA:” after the departure of SrI rAma for the forests, SrIrangam too lost its beauty. It was no more the way that AzhwArs had praised it in their pAsurams “aRRapaRRar suRRi vAzhum andhaNIr arangam” (the beautiful cool thiruvarangam with its devotees, who are totally detached from worldly pursuits, living in all the surrounding areas) and “nallArgaL vAzhum naLriarangam” (good people residing in the cool thiruvarangam). It had lost its beauty completely.

The leader of the invading army of muslims made further damages to SrIrangam. He brought down the strong compound wall and made a shelter for himself at kaNNanUr [near present day thiruvAnaikkAvil]. He created further troubles for the people living there. A person by name singappirAn, who was looking after the landed properties of periyaperumAL, went to that leader wishing to assist him and ensured that further damages were not caused to the compound wall, mansions, towers, streets etc. All the preceptors living there were very happy with this and praised him.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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