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avathArikai (Introduction)

The result of this apachAram (offence of judging others by birth) – being like a burnt cloth, being comparable to non-existing entity, one will not only be destroyed during death, but even while committing the offence, one will become karma chaNdALa (attaining the state of a dog-eater due to one’s deeds).

sUthram 198

thriSankuvaippOlE karma chaNdALanAy, mArvilitta yagyOpavIthandhAnE vArAy vidum.

Simple Explanation

Like thriSanku, being a karma chaNdALa, one’s yagyOpavItham (sacred thread) will become the belt which is worn by a chaNdALa.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

thriSankuvaippOlE …

That is – a king named thriSanku who is a descendant of ikshvAku clan, asked vasishta maharishi, his kula guru (preceptor for the clan) “you should perform a yagyam for me through which I ascend to the heaven with this body”; maharishi responded “it is impossible for me”; the king went from there to vasishta’s sons where they were doing penance, and informed this to them and greatly served them and forced them saying “You should perform this yagyam for me”; they told him “You are evil-minded; how can we do what is said to be impossible by maharishi himself?” As said in SrI rAmAyaNam bAla kANdam 58.6 “thEshAm thath vachanam SruthvA krOdha paryAkulAksharam | sarAjA punarEvathAnidham vachanam abhravIth ||” (That great king thriSanku, heard the angry words of sons of vasishta, replied to them in this manner) “prathyAkyAthO bhagavathA guruputhrais thadhaivacha | anyAm gathim gamishyAmi svasthivOsthu thapOdhanA: ||” (Oh you who are having penance as wealth! I was rejected by vasishta who has good qualities; similarly I was rejected by you who are his sons as well. I will find another teacher; let there be auspiciousness for you), thriSanku became angry and said  “If the guru and you who are his sons say that you cannot help, let me go elsewhere; let there be auspiciousness for you). The sons of vasishta became angry hearing thriSanku’s insults towards their AchArya (vasishta) and themselves angrily said “Let you become chaNdALa” as said in SrI rAmAyaNam bAla kANdam 58.9 “rishi puthrasthu thath SruthvA vAkyam ghOrAbhi samhitham | SEpu: parama sankrudhdhAs chaNdALathvam gamishyasi ||” (Sons of vasishta heard those words which were with evil intention, and became very angry and cursed him to attain the nature of a chaNdALa); subsequently he became a karma chaNdALa as said in “atha rAthriyAm vyadhIthAyAm rAjA chaNdALathAm gatha: | neela vasthra dharO neela: parushOdhvastha mUrdhdhaja: | chithya mAlyAngarAgaS chAya sAbharaNObhavath ||” (Subsequently, after that night crossed, the great king thriSanku attained the nature of a chaNdALa; he was having dark clothes, dark body, harsh speech, less hairs which were matted, and having the body decorated with garlands and sandalwood paste which were adorned on a dead body and iron ornaments).

In this manner, when one commits offence towards bhAgavathas, one will become karma chaNdALa immediately and the yagyOpavItham (sacred thread) worn on the chest which is meant to give brahmavarchas (splendour of knowledge about brahmam) will become the belt which matches the chaNdALa form. Since in the case of thriSanku, it was a result of a curse, it was visibly seen; since here it is based on SAsthram, this will be visible for the internal eyes.

It is said in brahmANda purANam “anAchArAn dhurAchArAn agyAthrUn hIna janmana: madhbhakthAn SrOthriyO nindhan sadhya: chaNdALathAm vrajEth ||” (The best among the brAhmaNas who has all types of greatness, who offends my devotees who have abandoned good conduct, have bad conduct, are ignorant, are born in lowly clans, will immediately attain the nature of chaNdALa).

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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