yathIndhra pravaNa prabhAvam – Part: 44

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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aNNan decides to take refuge under jIyar

thadhAgathAm thAm vyathidhAmanindhithAm vyabhEdhaharshAm paridhInamAnasAm
SubhAnnimiththAni SubhAnibhEjirE naramSriyAjushtam ivOpajIvina:

(Just as poor people will attain a wealthy person and benefit, some good omens too sustained themselves by attaining sIthAp pirAtti, who had undergone unspeakable sufferings, who thought that more sufferings will befall only from then onwards, who was without any fault and who had absolutely no happiness). aNNan too created a few good omens and then went to the residence of Achchi [daughter of thirumanjana appA] and told her

rangESa kainkaryam suthIrtha dhEvarAjAryajAmpAkalu bhAgyaSeelA
ramyOpayanthu: padhasamSrayENa yA’smathkulam pAvanamAdhanOthi

(Isn’t AchchiyAr, who had taken refuge under the divine feet of mAmunigaL and made our clan to become pure, and who is the daughter of thirumanjanam dhEvarAjar, a fortunate person?) He felt happy and said “Wasn’t it due to partaking the food which was prepared by you that we attained this benefit!” He then sent word for uththama nambi and spread this message to his agnates [kinsmen], the kandhAdai ayyangArs. He went to their residences in order to make them too to take refuge under mAmunigaL’s divine feet. AchchiyAr’s sons aNNa, dhASarathi appai and thandhaithAi embA told him that they too had the same dream which aNNan had and prostrated at his feet. He went with them to the residence of embA who was the grandson of one lakshmaNAchAryar, who was a famous person,

embA became very furious on hearing this and asked kandhAdai aNNan “Having been born in a great clan which has great name, education and conduct, would you do this?” aNNan went to the residences of appA and others who belonged to the divine clan of periya Ayi who was like a son to embA and spoke good words to them about taking refuge under jIyar but they too refused to take refuge under mAmunigaL. aNNan, feeling sad in his divine heart, then went to the residences of about twenty persons who belonged to his clan and who were like his siblings. They welcomed him heartily with affection, prostrated before him, heard the good words spoken by aNNan, narrated their dreams and other good words to him, praised the glories of azhagiya maNavALa mAmunigaL and told him their willingness to take refuge under mAmunigaL. He then told them to go the divine residence of mAmunigaL with their wives and family members, with fruits and other offerings.

He took with him thiruvAzhiyAzhwAr piLLai, who had come away from his parents and come to kandhAdai aNNan’s divine residence as gurukulavAsam (residence to stay and carry out studies), treating aNNan’s divine feet as his dhAraka, pOshaka and bhOgyam (sustaining, nurturing and enjoying entities). aNnan also took Sudhdha sathvam aNNan who had taken shelter under the divine feet of jIyar, looking after his daily requirements and talking about the involvement of aNnan in bhagavath vishayam so that jIyar will shower his mercy on aNNan. aNNan thought “True to his name of Sudhdha sathvam (purely good), he will be able to speak good words about us. Due to his good natured heart, everything would fall in place and there will be no hurdle”. Along with these two, aNNan also took his brothers and relatives to jIyar’s matam.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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