yathIndhra pravaNa prabhAvam – Part 45

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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aNNan leaves for jIyar matam with his relatives

Among them [aNNan’s relatives], embA had changed the minds of some [not to go to jIyar matam for samASrayaNam]. kandhAdai aNNan was informed of this; he said mercifully, in anger “Leave them” and decided to take the others with him. He called for Achchi and told her to inform jIyar at the appropriate time. She too went to the matam and learnt that jIyar was in a SrIvaishNava assembly at thirumalai AzhwAr [the discourse hall]. She hesitated to go there and tell him, by herself. Hence she intended to send a SrIvaishNava who happened to be there, to mAmunigaL , with a message. She called him and told him ‘Please inform jIyar, without anyone else hearing about it, to mercifully come inside’ He asked her “For what?” She told him “aNNan and other preceptors from the clan of kandhAdai ayyangArs are coming as a group” and went inside, waiting for jIyar to come so that she could apprise him of the development.


That SrIvaishNava mistook Achchi’s words. He ran inside and told jIyar “swAmy! Please come fast. kandhAdai ayyangArs are coming together” jIyar immediately got up and went to the backyard. Since he had not come inside, Achchi was getting worried as to what the SrIvaishNava had told him and wanted to inform him the happy event. She did not get the opportunity to go the backyard and inform jIyar. By then, aNNan and others came to the entrance with all offerings and fruits. They met vAnamAmalai jIyar there, offered their courtesies. aNNan told vAnamAmalai jIyar, very humbly, “We have come here to attain jIyar’s divine feet as the prApyaprApakam (end benefit and means). dhEAvarIr should approve this” vAnamAmalai jIyar was overjoyed on hearing this and was momentarily stunned. Then he went inside to apprise jIyar. In the meanwhile, Achchi, looking with a great urge for an opportune moment, went and met jIyar. She prostrated at his divine feet and told him “It is a happy event today. aNNan and others are coming together to take refuge under [dhEvarIr’s] divine feet”. At the same time, vAnamAmalai jIyar came inside mercifully and in an ecstatic manner apprised jIyar of the events at the entrance. jIyar was happy hearing these. He said “Isn’t AchchiyAr the prime reason for all these!” He then called the SrIvaishNava who had cautioned him in thirumalaiyAzhwAr and asked him strangely “What is dhEvarIr’s name?” The SrIvaishNava replied “adiyEn rAmAnujadhAsan (this servitor is rAmAnujar’s follower)”. jIyar said mockingly “It is not like that. dhEvarIr is asattAchAn (stupid person)”

 aNNan pays respects to jIyar

jIyar exclaimed mercifully

vidhyA vimukthijananI vinayAdhikathvam AchArasampathanuvEla vikAsaSeelam
SrIlakshmaNArya karuNA vishayIkruthAnAm chithram nadhASarathivamSa samuthbhavAnAm

(It is no wonder that the wisdom which will help in attaining mOksham, the amazing humility and the great wealth of good conduct are observed greatly in the divine lineage of SrI mudhaliyANdAn, which is the target of emperumAnAr’s mercy) and reached the frontyard of the matam. He saw the entourage there and said

SrIrAmAnuja yOgIndhra karuNA paribhrumhithAm
SrEyasIm anagAm vandhE SrImadhvAdhUla santhathim

(I bow down to the lineage of vAdhUla clan which has been enhanced by the mercy of rAmAnujar, the leader of ascetics, which is great and which is without any fault). All the kandhAdai ayyangArs prostrated to the divine feet of jIyar, chanted vEdhic SlOkams such as “nakarmaNA naprajAyathanEna ”, “vEdhAhamEtham” etc and proffered their offerings. jIyar accepted them and led them inside mercifully. In the divine assembly of all those who had gathered, he gave a discourse, briefly, on the meanings of thiruvAimozhi pAsuram poliga poliga poliga and thiruppallANdu pAsuram. All the people offered their mangaLASAsanam (praising) for the permanent occurrence of such SrIvaishNava development. aNNan was hinting at vAnamAmalai jIyar for samASrayaNam. mAmunigaL retired to a corner, called vAnamAmalai jIyar and aNNan and told aNNan “dhEvarIr hails from a great clan and the guru (teacher) for all. Why this?” aNNan responded by saying “Please do not mercifully say that”. He apologised for his previous state [of not paying respect to jIyar] and explained in detail the events which happened in his dream. jIyar accepted that and said “periya perumAL will mercifully ask the people from the lineage of eeyAn clan to take refuge. On the fourth day from today, we will carry out samASrayaNam for all” Then everyone in the assembly was given prasAdham and betel leaves and all left the matam mercifully.

Intending to correct some more people, emperumAn decided in his divine mind

punassvapnApadhESEna dhESE dhESE nirankuSa:
ayamarchAvathArathva samAdhimavadhIrayath
adhyamarthyan thadhEthasya thathvamAdhyanthikam hitham
asankuchitham Asakyau bhujangaSayana: pumAn

(the supreme entity, who is reclining on the mattress of AdhiSEshan, in the pretext of dream, went to various places since there is  none to stop him, throwing aside the innate disposition of archAvathAra thathvam – not speaking to anyone  in vigraha form– mercifully explained the true nature of this great mAmunigaL, who surpasses even dhEvas (celestial entities) and his [mAmunigaL’s] readiness of being the ultimate means for mOksham (attaining SrIvaikuNtam) and in line with the saying “guruScha svapnadhrushtaScha” (seeing one’s AchAryan in dream) he came in their dreams in archAvathAra form (vigraha form) and told them “We have incarnated in the form of AchArya (teacher). You also, in line with the saying ‘AchAryam mAm vijAneeyAth bhavabandha vimOchanam’ (let all know that we, to liberate [all] from the bond of samsAram (materialistic realm) have incarnated as mAmunigaL)” show distinguished confidence and take refuge under him”. 

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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