yathIndhra pravaNa prabhAvam – Part 55

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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Meanwhile, eRumbiyappA, during the time that he was there, in line with the SlOkam

iththam dhinE dhinE kurvanvruththim padhyu: prasAdhinIm
kruthIr kadApadham chakrE prAkthanIm thathra varthanIm
iththam dhinE dhinE kurvan viruththam bharthu: prasAdhinIm
kruthi kaNtA padhanjchakrE prAkthanIm thathra varthanIm

(thus, carrying out kaikaryams every day which would be pleasing to the divine mind of maNavALa mAmuni who is his swAmy, he mercifully composed dhinacharyai (detailing the daily activities of maNavALa mAmunigaL) and through that he made everyone there to recite it every day, making it famous like a great road on which the king travels), carried out kainkaryam in the sannidhi [thirumalaiyAzhwAr]. Then jIyar, to make him pleased, as said in the SlOkam

varavaramunir pAdhayugmam varadhagurO: karapallava dhvayanE
rahasi SIrasimE nidhIyamAnam manasinidhamya nidhAnavAn bhavAmi

(I get my sustenance by reminiscing the act of kandhAdai aNNan, with his two tender hands, keeping the divine, lotus-like feet of maNavALa mAmunigaL, on my head, when we were alone), presented his divine feet to aNNan and told him “Please go to your place”. appA, with a huge sorrow, mercifully left for eRumbi.

nAyanAr regulates the seven gOthras

Before appA left for eRumbi, an incident occurred at SrIrangam. Some people, who were related to appA and were sambandhis (in-laws) of kandhAdai ANdAn, brought the wife of kandhAdai nAyan from her place of birth to kandhAdai ANdAn’s house. They had brought her in an inappropriate vehicle. appA felt distressed on seeing that and appealed to jIyar. jIyar too felt sorrowful in his divine heart. He called kandhAdai aNNan who told him “This is not correct. It is apt to renounce them”. jIyar requested him “Could we not instruct them about their svarUpam?” aNNan said “They are embA’s close relatives and are proud people” jIyar then said “In that case, we will not bother”. jIyar then called kandhAdai ANdAn and his relatives, who are all descendants of mudhaliyANdAn, enquired with them about this, showered his mercy on them and gave them well-intentioned instructions. He then told them about an arrangement. He said that people belonging the vAdhUla gOthram (the gOthram to which mudhaliyANdAn belonged), hArItha gOthram (the gOthram to which rAmAnujar belonged) and their descendants should marry only within 7 gOthrams (vAdhUla, SrIvathsa, kauNdinya, hArItha, AthrEya, kauSika and bhArathwAja). He made manuscripts of his regulation, made a plaque in thirumangai mannan thirumALigai (the divine residence where thirumangai AzhwAr had lived) and sent the message to all the places where people belonging to these gOthras resided. He mercifully made eRumbiyappA to become pleased with this action. During this time, those who were not only unfavourable towards his divine feet, but who spoke ill of him, ran into misfortune, toiling in poverty and wasting their lives.

Then, one day, jIyar and his disciples were discussing about the pAsuram “AlinmElAl amarndhAn adiyiNaigaLE”; the word Al occurs at two places. They were discussing that for one, the word refers to the banyan tree and for the other, it refers to the tender banyan leaf. jIyar mercifully said that Al will not refer to the leaf. At that, kandhAdai nAyan, who was in the playful stage of his life and was looking more like a child, said “Oh jIyar! Is it not that it is referring to Alangatti (a hailstorm)?” Immediately, jIyar called him, took him on his lap, exclaimed “Don’t you belong to the clan which is worshipped?” and blessed him to be a dharSana pravarthakar (fully engaged in leading rAmAnujar’s philosophy).

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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