yathIndhra pravaNa prabhAvam – Part 57

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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mAmunigaL sent vAnamAmalai jIyar, along with many SrIvaishNavas, to invite appiLLai and appiLLAr. As they mercifully left to invite them, they sent word ahead to appiLLAr that they were coming to appiLaLr’s place. appiLLAr got up as soon as he saw them coming towards their place, prostrated in their direction, cupped his palms in anjali pose (offering salutations), gave a green coloured shawl which he liked very much to two SrIvaishNavas and told them “Go and spread this shawl fully on the ground where they are coming. After all the SrIvaishNavas have stepped on it, gather the SrIpAdhadhULi (sand particles which have had contact with their divine feet) and bring them carefully”. He then readied one plate of betel leaves and one plate of fruits and in the presence of eRumbiyappA, prostrated before the divine feet of vAnamAmalai jIyar. He then introduced his relatives to vAnamAmalai jIyar and told him to uplift them all. He then accepted the SrIpAdhadULi (brought by the SrIvaishNavas) and applied it on the heads of all his relatives. jIyar mercifully enquired them of their well-being. Then the huge gathering proceeded towards kandhAdai aNNan’s divine residence. aNNan mercifully received them with respect, took them all inside his residence, apprised them about how he was earlier, and how he attained the huge benefit, with the causeless grace of emperumAnAr. He then mercifully told them through a discourse that jIyar [mAmunigaL] is the reincarnation of rAmAnujar. Carrying all their offerings, fruits, silk pariyattam (head-gear) etc, appiLLai and appiLLAr went to jIyar’s matam and found that jIyar was in SrIvaishNava assembly in thirumalaiyAzhwAr.

Finding jIyar with a complexion that they had not seen anywhere else, firm shoulders, broad chest, broad forehead, bright eyes, holding the thridhaNdam in his right hand, wearing the saffron robe, both appiLLai and appiLLAr prostrated completely in front of him and reverentially offered the upahArams (materials) which they had brought. jIyar accepted their offerings and gave an upanyAsam on thathvaparam (highest truth, namely emperumAn) appropriate to their level of knowledge. They then, with full involvement, urged him to carry out samASrayaNam for them. jIyar carried out  thApa:, puNdra: etc (the five rituals which are carried out during samASrayaNam), accompanied them to the temple, carried out mangaLASAsanam at various sannidhis in the order in which he would worship every day and returned to matam.  Then, thadhIyArAdhanam (offering food which was offered to emperumAn, to all the disciples gathered there) was offered; jIyar offered his uchchishtam (remnants of the food that he had partaken of) to appiLLai and appiLLAr, made them as confidantes to his divine feet and thus uplifted them. After eRumbiyappA’s father sent him a message saying that he was longing to see appA, he let go of appA, who, with sadness, returned to eRumbi.

periya perumAL reforms uththama nambi

Later, one day, jIyar was going to the temple to carry out mangaLASAsanam to periya perumAL. Since it was thiruvArAdhanam time  and was being carrying out in EkAntham (without devotees being present), the screen before periya perumAL had been drawn. jIyar went inside and was worshipping the divine feet of periya perumAL. uththama nambi, who was carrying out thiruvAlavattam (fanning perumAL) saw the milk-like divine form of jIyar and told him, incited by his [nambi’s] sinful deeds, “Do not stay inside for long”. jIyar, knowing about the reason for nambi to say so, said “mahAprasAdham” (a great offering from perumAL) and left the sannidhi. Immediately, uththama nambi, who was fanning perumAL, reclined against the door as if overcome by sleep. He had a dream then in which periya perumAL, who is reclining on top of AdhiSEshan, with a divine smile on his divine reddish lips, told him pointing out to AdhiSEshan who is pure white in complexion “Know that it is AdhiSEshan who has mercifully incarnated as jIyar. His complexion is white; conduct yourself humbly”. uththama nambi suddenly awakened, realised what he had seen and became fearful. Immediately he rushed to jIyar’s matam and prostrated at the divine feet of jIyar. He apprised jIyar of what had happened in the sannidhi after jIyar had left and offered his sincere apologies for his rude behaviour. He became a confidante to jIyar’s divine feet, subsequently. People would later say “Who will know that ananthAzhwAn (AdhiSEshan) reincarnated as maNavALa mAmuni, other than thennarangan (SrIranganAthan)?”

jIyar manifests his original form to a Sathvika lady

There were several ladies in the matam who were carrying out errands such as cleaning the matam etc. Among them was a lady by name SatakOpakkoRRi.  She had learnt nAlAyira dhivya prabandham and rahasyams from Achchi (daughter of thirumanjana appA). One day, after the SrIvaishNava gOshti (assembly) was over in the afternoon, jIyar was offering thirukkAppu (opening the doors of kOyil AzhwAr) to emperumAn and was meditating on emperumAn in total exclusivity (no one was around him then). From the door step, StakOpakkoRRi worshipped him when she realised that he was having the form of AdhiSEshan with a thousand hoods. She was startled at seeing this vision. jIyar saw that, completed thirukkAppu and came out, with a smile on his divine face. He asked her as to what had happened and she recounted to him what she had seen when she worshipped him. jIyar ordered her “Do not reveal this to anyone”. Thus it was clear to everyone that jIyar was a distinguished incarnation.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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