yathIndhra pravaNa prabhAvam – Part 66

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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Ordaining appAchchiyAraNNA to stay permanently in kachchi

All the eminent people in that place got together and told jIyar “Since jIyar mercifully stayed here and carried out mangaLASAsanam, perumAL conducted the divine vaikAsi mahOthsavam in a distinguished way”. jIyar was supportive of them and shared with them several instructions. He told them about the activities which are to be carried out necessarily, how they should be affectionate towards one another and how they should be fully engaged with dhivyaprabandhams. Everyone said “Let these happen. For that purpose, dhEvarIr should appoint someone to stay here permanently and to correct us” jIyar was very pleased, hearing this. He called vAnamAmalai jIyar and told him to bring appAchchiyAr aNNA. When vAnamAmalai jIyar brought appAchchiyAr aNNA, jIyar told them pointing out to aNNA “Treat him the way that you will treat us, respectfully” and he told aNNA “Since you have appeared in the divine clan of mudhaliyANdAn, make eminent persons in that clan such as ANdAN (mudhaliyANdAn), thOzhappar et al happy, follow our words, instruct these people with whatever is good for them and stay here permanently, being a mangaLASAsanaparar (one who carries out mangaLASAsanam to dhEvap perumAL)” He recited the following SlOkam as his blessings to appAchchiyAr aNNA:

SrEyamsi kariSailEndhra: karuNA varuNAlaya:
thOdhuhyAdhvaradhamS SrImAn arthinAm nidhiravyaya:

(Let perumAL, who is an unabated treasure for those who seek from him, who is an ocean of mercy, who is the lord of hasthigiri and who is a SrImAn, shower his benefits (on you))

jIyar mercifully leaves for thirumalai via thirukkadigai, eRumbi

jIyaar left for thirukkadigai (present day shOLingapuram) along with eRumbiyappA, via thiruputkuzhi where he worshipped putkuzhi pOrERu (divine name of emperumAn at thiruputkuzhi). Just as it has been said in

gadikAchala SEkaram thathO narasimham nayanEnanirviSan
udhajIvayadharSrithairajanairavanIm dhAmapanIthapandhanai:

(Subsequently, he had divine dharSan of narasingappirAn who is like an ornament on the peak of the huge kadigai  hills. Along with some people who came there and took refuge under his divine feet and who had severed their connection with samsAram [those who had renounced samsAram], he mercifully graced that place), he reached thakkAn kuLam (tank) which is praised as “vaNdu vaLam kiLarum neeL sOlai vaNpUngadigai” (the beautiful, sweet, divine hills of kadigai have expansive gardens where swarms of beetles gather), worshipped the divine feet of emperumAn there; he showered his grace on those who came as anukUlar (favourable people) and took refuge under his divine feet, hailing from many surrounding villages. Subsequently, he climbed the huge hills of kadigai, enjoying as said in the pAsuram “mikkAr vEdhavimalar vizhungum akkArakkani” (emperumAn, who is called as akkArakkani (fruit borne by a plant whose seed is sugar itself) is swallowed by great people who are knowledgeable in vEdhams without any fault) and carrying out managaLASAsanam by reciting the thiruppallANdu pAsuram “andhiyam pOdhil ari uruvAgi ariyai azhiththavanaip pandhanai thIrap pallANdu pallAyiraththANdenRu pAdudhumE” (we will sing about that emperumAn who came in the form of a lion during the time of dusk and destroyed the enemy, to live for eons, so that he will severe our bondage). He then mercifully went from there to eRumbi and showered his grace on that place. He gave that town a divine name, vadathiruvarangam (northern, divine SrIrangam), He called the people living in that place as azhagiya maNavALa dhAsars (servitors of azhagiya maNavALan, the name of perumAL at SrIrangam). Thus, he created a SrIrangam near thirukkadigai. Since there is a connection between vaNpUngadigai and paNdellAm vEngadam (mUnRam thiruvandhAdhi 61st pAsuram), [having completed his dharSan at thirukkadigai] jIyar wanted to have dharSan of the gemstone which is like a decorative lightning [reference here is to thiruvEngadamudaiyAn]. Just as it has been mentioned in ’”dhEvam dhivyam SEshaSailEsantham thadhpadhAbjam vIkshithum” in order to worship the divine feet of the Lord who has taken residence atop thiruvEngadam, he reached thiruppathi town at the foothills, initially. He was received there by the AchAryapurushas (eminent AchAryars) who worshipped him. In order to worship the divine feet of gOvindharAjar at thiruppathi, he first worshipped the divine feet of emperumAnAr (rAmAnujar). Subsequently, he went to the sannidhi of gOvindharAjar, whose vigraham was installed by rAmAnujar and worshipped with lot of affection. He praised the qualities of gOvindhan and carried out mangaLASAsanam.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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