yathIndhra pravaNa prabhAvam – Part 79

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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periya jIyar meditates on emperumAns in northern dhivya dhEsams

Later, one day, jIyar mercifully went to thirumalaiyAzhwAr (discourse hall) early in the morning and was meditating on dhivyadhESams. With a weakened divine mind, he was ecstatically reciting the names of dhivyadhESams for nearly four hours. He kept reminiscing aruLichcheyals (dhivyaprabandham) pAsurams such as “sindhikkum dhisaikkum thERum kai kUppum”, “veruvAdhAL vAy veruvi”, “ivaRirAppagal vAy vereei” and was reclining in an enervated manner. AchAryas had already arrived for kAlakshEpam (detailed discourse) and some more were to come. Just as it has been mentioned in the SlOkam

avyAjabandhOr garudadhvajasya dhivyAnchidhAnyAyathanAnibhUya:
dhyAyamsthamOnASakarANi mOhAvaSAththadhEvapraharathvayamsa:
dhyAthvA dhivyAnchidhArchA vilasithanilayAnyauththarANyAsu
vishNO: thathsEvA yaththachiththE praNigathathimuhurnAmathas thAni thAni
thUshNIm bhUthEsa bhAshpam sapuLaganichayam ramyajAmAthruyOgi nyap
yEthyAnamyasarvE kimithamithi parAmArthim ApurmahAntha:

(maNavALa mAmunigaL was meditating on the dhivyadhESams (divine abodes) of emperumAn  who is a natural relative and who has garuda as his flag-mast. He was overcome with emotions and stayed for two nAzhigai (about fifty minutes) this way. Then, he meditated on the dhivyadhESams of emperumAn which are located in the northern parts where emperumAn was manifesting his archAvathAra rUpam (idol form). He was desirous of worshipping those dhivyadhESams and kept reciting the divine names of those abodes. He had goosepimples on his form and tears were rolling down from his eyes. When he was in this situation, some eminent people who were his disciples came near him, prostrated before him and were distressed at seeing him in that condition, wondering as to what was happening)), jIyar was reciting some pAsurams such as “kiLar oLi iLamai keduvadhan munnam” (thiruvAimozohi 2-10-1). He was meditating on the dhivyadhESams in the northern side, such as ayOdhyA etc feeling sad , saying “We are not fortunate to worship these”. AchAryas such as ashtadikkajangaL (elephants in the eight directions) were wondering as to what had happened, and were distressed. Even though they tried to comfort him, jIyar did not open his eyes, and was in that state where tears continued to flow and his body had goose flesh. They became very emotional, seeing his condition. At that time, being firmly rooted in charamaparvam (ultimate stage of considering AchAryan as everything), being a confidante to his divine feet, a person by name rAmAnujadhAsar, who was carrying out kainkaryam in dhivyadhESams as mentioned in “kaNdiyUr arangam meyyam kachchi pEr mallai”, and as mentioned in the SlOkam

samEthya rAmAnujadhAsa nAmaAvya jigya bhadhdham varayOgivaryam
nishEvya sarvANi padhAni vishNO: samarpayishyAmiththaiva thathva:

(a person by the name rAmANuja dhAsar, came there and made an appeal to jIyar saying “adiyEn will go and worship all the the dhivyadhESams of vishNu, return here and proffer that sEvA (worship) as adiyEn’s offering to dhEvarIr’s divine feet”) he went near jIyar and told him “adiyEn rAmAnuja dhAsan will go to the dhivyadhEsams in the north with dhEvarIr’s divine feet as the guide and worship all the emperumAns as dhEvarIr’s mangaLASAsanam, and will submit those to dhEvarIr’s divine feet”. Just as it has been mentioned in the SlOkam

AsEthOrApadharyASramavaranilayA dhAsapUrvAparApthE:
kshEthrANi SrIdharasya dhruhiNa SatajithAdhyanchithAni praNamya
prApsyErAmAnujOyam bhavadhanujayadhanuchathaSchiththayamsthvath
padhAvidhyasmin vigyApayithvA praNamathi bhubhuthEsaumyajAmAthru yOgI

(rAmAnujadhAsar worshipped the divine feet of mANavALa mAmunigaL and told him “dhEvarIr is  feeling sorrowful for not having gone and worshipped the dhivyadhESams of vishNu, who had been worshipped by dhEvas and AzhwArs in all the places starting from sEthu in the south and going up to badhrikASramam and, starting from the eastern ocean and going up to the western ocean. Meditating on dhEvarIr’s divine feet, adiyEn will go to these dhivyadhESams as a capable person and worship perumAL”; upon hearing these words, mAmunigaL came out of his bewildered state) as soon as rAmAnuja dhAsar appealed to him after prostrating before him, jIyar opened his divine eyes fully and said “Oh rAmAnuja dhAsar! Come!” The ashtadhikkajangaL and all the others comforted themselves and praised rAmANuja dhAsar. jIyar arose and said mercifully “A lot of time has passed by; we could not carry out kAlakshApam”. Others told him that “We could not salute and experience dhEvarIr’s experiencing the dhivya dhESams of emperumAn; we were very much worried”. He asked rAmAnuja dhAsar “Oh rAmAnujadhAsar! Will what you said now be likely to happen?” dhAsar immediately got ready for the travel. jIyar called kumANdUr iLaiyAzhwAr piLLai, who was connected to his divine feet, and asked him “Will you go with rAmAnuja dhAsar?” He said that he was very fortunate to do that. Just as it has been said in

thathOnyayungtha svagamuththarIyam vidhIrya rAmAnujadhAsamASu
sahasva pAdhAvani nithya yOga mahOjushAyAchika lakshmanEna

(Later, jIyar mercifully gave his uththarIyam (cloth worn on the upper part of the body) to rAmAnuja dhAsar and ordained him to go with iLaiyAzhwAr who had the splendour of having a connection with his divine feet and who was going fast), he gave his upper cloth to rAmANuja dhAsar and his sandals to kumANdUr iLaiyAzhwAr and told them to undertake the journey speedily.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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