yathIndhra pravaNa prabhAvam – Part 85

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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ayOdhyA rAmAnuja aiyangAr takes refuge under kandhAdai aNNan

rAmAnuja dhAsar saw ayOdhyA rAmAnuja aiyangAr and told him “As per dhEvarIr’s divine instructions, adiyEn had taught all the procedures, for carrying out kainkaryam in badhrikASramam as well as other places, to the junior rAmAnuja aiyangAr and through him conducted all the kainkaryams there. adiyEn is fortunate to see dhEvarIr as well as worship the divine feet of kandhAdai aNNan”. rAmAnuja aiyangAr was much pleased and told rAmAnuja dhAsar about all the events which happened at thiruvEngadam from the time that he came there and worshipped thiruvEngadamudaiyAn. In order to comfort him and say proper things to him, rAmAnuja dhAsar told rAmAnuja aiyangAr “Leave aside dhEvarIr’s grievance of not having taken refuge yet under the divine feet of jIyar;  tomorrow, during the divine star of thiruvONam (SravaNam, which is the star of thiruvEngadamudaiyAn) when thiruvEngadamudaiyAn has a divine bath [in pushkariNi, the temple tank], take refuge under the divine feet of aNNan which will give double the happiness to jIyar [compared to taking refuge under his divine feet]” rAmAnuja aiyangAr, feeling very happy on hearing this, took rAmAnuja dhAsar with him and went to aNNan. Prostrating before aNNan, he told aNNan about his desire. aNNan too mercifully told him “Even jIyar would desire that only” and was amazed at the similarity in the approach of rAmAnuja dhAsar and jIyar. Saying aloud that jIyar had appointed rAmAnuja dhAsar to go to various dhivyadhEsams on his behalf and carrying out managaLASAsanam, he carried out samASrayaNam (pancha samskAram) for ayOdhyA rAmAnuja aiyangAr. rAmAnuja aiyangAr too became a refined gold, shunning his earlier ways, as mentioned in thiruppallANdu pAsuram “paNdaikkulaththaith thavirndhu” (moving away from the practices of the clan). aNNan then took both rAmAnuja dhAsar and ayOdhyA rAmAnuja aiyangAr to thiruvEngadamudaiyAn’s sannidhi and carried out managaLASAsanam to perumAL. perumAL too showered his mercy on them, gave rAmAnuja aiyangAr his divine silk vasthram (cloth) and in order to confirm the connection between rAmAnuja aiyangAr and kandhAdai aNNan, gave the name of “kandhAdai rAmAnuja aiyangAr” to ayOdhyA rAmAnuja aiyangAr. Subsequently, periya kELvi jIyar, siRiya kELvi jIyar, the EkAngis, AchArya purushas and sthalaththArs went to aNNan’s residential place and offered him many presents. Those who desired to take refuge under aNNan’s divine feet did so and took SrIpAdha thIrtham (divine water connected with his divine feet]; those who were qualified to take food, took food.

aNNan leaves thirumalai for thiruvarangam

The next day, all the people took aNNan to thiruvEngadamudaiyAn’s sannidhi with temple honours. After he had carried out managaLASAsanam, they offered the divine yellow coloured dress of perumAL which he normally wears on his waist and other honours to aNNan. Through the archaka, perumAL offered the chathrachAmArAdhi (divine umbrella, chowry or the divine fly-flapper etc) for kandhAdai rAmAnuja aiyangAr’s divine palanquin and gave them permission to leave. They reached lower thiruppathi town, went to SrI gOvindharAjap perumAL temple, carrying out mangaLASAsanam to SrI gOvindharAjar and others. Then they went to eRumbi where eRumbiyappA’s divine father, aiyaigaL appA, along with azhayagiya maNavALa dhAsar and other SrIvaishNavas, received them. He then brought them to his residence and offered them honours. aNNan told them “AchAryars such as iLaiyAzhwAr piLLai, thiruvAimozhi AzhwAr piLLai et al, jIyars such as emperumAnAr jIyar, thiruvEngam jIyar et al have gone ahead of us”. eRumbiyappA’s father, aiyaigaL, was very upset that they had not stopped over at his place on their way and said so. To console him, aNNan told him since they were travelling in the divine palanquin, it was not proper to make them walk along with them and hence he had told them to go ahead and that they had reached a placed called as padhmajapuram (SOLingapuram) at the foothills. aiyaigaL took the hands of Sudhdha sathva aNNan and told him to accompany him to padhmapuram. He met the AchArya purushas, jIyars et al there, exchanged enquiries about their well being, and worshipped one another. Then aiyaigaL brought them to his divine residence.

There, thiruvArAdhanam was performed to kOyil aNNan’s thiruvArAdhanap perumAL (vigraham for his worship), chakravarthi thirumagan (SrI rAmar), food was offered to him and later, everyone participated in the thadhIyArAdhanam (food offered to perumAL being offered to all Sishyas). Next day, they went to thirukkadigai (SOLingapuram), carried out managaLASAsanam to akkArakkani (divine name of perumAL there), then reached thirupputkuzhi (a divine abode near kAnchIpuram) and offered their worship to putkuzhiyempOrERu (divine name of perumAL at thiruputkuzhi). Subsequently, they reached perumAL kOyil where all the AchAryars and employees of the temple went and received them. They then accompanied aNNan and others in the proper order for worshipping pEraruLALar and perundhEvith thAyAr, carrying out mangaLASAsanam in all the sannidhis. They brought him to their divine residence and honoured him with all the reverence due to them. appAchchiyAraNNA was very happy saying that he felt that he was worshipping mudhaliyANdAn and other eminent people in the clan. He took aNNan and other people who had accompanied him to his divine residence and honoured them there. pEraruLALar too was very happy and while honouring aNNan, referred to him as “swAmy” so that everyone will call him by that name.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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