yathIndhra pravaNa prabhAvam – Part 89

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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mahAbali vANanAtharAyan takes refuge under jIyar

When jIyar was in madhurai, the king of that place, mahAbali vANanAtha rAyan approached jIyar and took refuge under jIyar’s divine feet. jIyar showered his distinguished mercy on the king, carrying out pancha samskAram for him, bringing him under his divine feet. jIyar spent that day and the next day there and in the midnight of the second day, just as it has been said in

maNikAnchana sanjannAm chipikAm thadh athishtithAm
aspannayantha svasgandhE kruthvA kEchith prathasthirE

(some SrIvaishNavas left, carrying on their shoulders, without any weariness, that divine palanquin, which was made of gold and rubies and which was well decorated, and on which maNavALa mAmunigaL had mercifully sat) left on that invaluable palanquin, offered by that king, which was made of nine gems.  SrivaishNavas carried that palanquin, which was covered, since it was a cold night, with dew falling. Just as it has been mentioned in

chathramchithram thadhu: kEchith chAmarE thadhirEparE
brungAramavarE’bipran  kaLAnjamapikEchana
thadh pAdhabhja rajasparSa pAvanIm Athma bhAvinIm
santhssanthArayanthisma mauLinAmaNi pAdhukAm
akAyannagratha: kEchithatha nrunyanthi kEchana

(some (among the SrIvaishNavas) carried the divine white regal umbrella; some swung the chAmaram (fly flapper); some carried the padikkam (vessel for receiving water used for bathing vigrahams) and kaLAnji (vessel for holding betel leaves and nuts); some carried jIyar’s sandals since the powder grains from his divine feet will fall on them, making them pure and in keeping with their nature; some went ahead (to ensure that the path is safe for the retinue following); some danced), the SrIvaishNavas carried various implements suitable for kainkaryam such as divine regal umbrella, fly flapper etc, singing and dancing joyously, others listening to them happily, while carrying the palanquin on which jIyar had sat, hurriedly, without causing any discomfort to jIyar. After they had carried him for about 20 miles, it had dawned. They stopped there for carrying out anushtAnams (morning activities) on the bank of vaigai river. The king, who had dressed himself as one of the carriers of the palanquin, worshipped the divine feet of jIyar who was amazed seeing this, asking him “Should  you do like this?” The king asked jIyar to shower his mercy on the village muththarasan which they had just then reached. jIyar too blessed that village, acceding to his compulsion and gave the divine name “azhagaiya maNavALa nallUr” to that village. He then gave his permission for the king to leave. They went via thiruppuLLANi and were looking for a place where they could rest for sometime. They saw a tamarind tree with lot of branches giving lot of shadow. Hence they all stopped under that tree’s shade, ridding them of their ennui.

jIyar grants mOksham to tamarind tree

Disciples of jIyar requested him to shower his mercy on the tamarind tree since it had done a great benefit for them all. jIyar, through his amazing grace, touched the tree with his divine hands and told it “Let you too attain the same benefit that I attained” and moved away from the place. The tree withered away immediately. Seeing this, the disciples said

yamyam spruSathi pANibhyAm yamyam paSyathi chakshushA
sthAvarANyapi muchyanthE kimpunar bAndhavAjanA:

(whomsoever eminent sAthvikas (those with purely good qualities) touch with their divine hands or bless with their divine eyes, including plants, attain liberation; when such is the case, should one speak about those who are related to him (jIyar)?), feeling happy that this meaning is readily available with jIyar.

Subsequently jIyar reached thiruppullANi mercifully, worshipped the divine feet of thiruppullANi emperumAn. Leaving that place, he continued his journey and reached thirunagari mercifully. He worshipped AzhwAr and polindhu ninRa pirAn (divine name of perumAL at thirunagari) following the proper order and carried out mangaLASAsanam. He corrected many people there and made them to be servants of thirumagaL kELvan (divine consort of SrI mahAlakshmi). He instructed them dhivyaprabandhams such as thiruvAimozhi, and remained worshipping the thirumanjanam (divine bath) and other divine uthsavams (celebrations) of AzhwAr every day.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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