sandhyAvandhana bhAshyam – 3 – Daily activities

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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1.7. Vasthra dhAraNam

This is about wearing clothes. kAshAyam, black clothes, dirty clothes, clothes without borders or headers, clothes made by joining two or more clothes, red, yellow, smoky coloured clothes are not suitable for wearing.

It is said by maharishi gauthama that a cloth gently flapped seven times in wind can be considered dry, even if it looks wet. The same is fit to wear.

brahmachAris are supposed to wear the lower vasthram alone without kachcham. gruhasthas should wear kachcham with one cloth in waist and one in shoulders (uththarIyam). Additional third sacred thread can be allowed to replace the shoulder cloth. vAnaprasthas should wear as said for gruhasthas. sanyAsis are supposed to wear kAshAyam with the style said for brahmAchAris.

1.8. Urdhva puNdra dhAraNam

Next is Urdhva puNdra dhAraNam. Without Urdhva puNdra, any nithya, naimiththika karma, dhEva/ or pithru karma, thiruvArAdhanam, even if done, considered nishpalam (will not render any benefit).

We will see about Achamanam next. sandhyAvandhanam starts with Achamanam and we do Achamanam many times during the course of sandhyAvandhanam.

sandhyAvandhanam is divided into two parts, jalabhAgam and japabhAgam. We will see jalabhAgam first, starting with Achamanam.

adiyen madhusUdhana rAmAnuja dhAsan

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