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avathArikai (Introduction)

Subsequently, piLLai lOkAchAryar is revealing the salient aspects for these [unfavourable] persons based on how their karma gets destroyed.

sUthram 267

mUvarudaiyavum karmam anubhava vinASyam; nAlAm adhikArikku prAyaSchiththa vinASyam; anjAm adhikaRikkup purushakAra vinASyam.

Simple Explanation

For the first three persons, karma gets exhausted by experiencing them; for the fourth person, karma gets exhausted by atonement; for the fifth person, karma gets exhausted by recommendation [of pirAtti].

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

mUvarudaiyavum …

That is –

mUvarudaiyavum … anubhava vinASyam

The karma which has been accumulated since time immemorial for the three persons who are target of bhagavAn’s anger, will not be exhausted unless the fruits of the same are experienced, as said in brahma vaivairtham prakruthi kANdam 26.70 “avaSyam anubhOkthavyam krutham karma SubhASubham | nAbhuktham kshIyathE karma kOti Sathairapi ||” (The karma which was performed in the form of good and bad deeds, has to be experienced. Even after passing one hundred crore days of brahmA, such karma will not be exhausted without experiencing it).

Among the two persons who are target of bhagavAn’s mercy,

nAlAm adhikArikku prAyaSchiththa vinASyam

For the fourth person, when he/she engages in one of the upAyams such as karma yOgam, gyAna yOgam or bhakthi yOgam, ISvaran will consider that to be his / her atonement for the karma and will eliminate all of the accumulated karma.

anjAm adhikaRikkup purushakAra vinASyam

For the fifth person who has performed surrender, while surrendering, being very fearful about the mistakes committed since time immemorial, since he/she takes the recommendation of pirAtti to make bhagavAn forgive all of those mistakes, and surrenders to him, emperumAn forgives all of those mistakes and accepts him/her to push away all of his / her karma.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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