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avathArikai (Introduction)

For the question “What are the forms of these forbidden acts?” piLLai lOkAchAryar mercifully explains them in sequence.

sUthram 302

akruthya karaNamAvadhu – para himsai, para sthOthram, para dhAra parigraham, para dhravya apahAram, asathya kathanam, abhakshya bhakshaNam thudakkamAnavai.

Simple Explanation

akruthya karaNam implies harming others, praising others (worldly people), pursuing others’ wives, stealing others’ belongings, speaking lies, eating what is not to be eaten etc.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

akruthya karaNamAvadhu …

para himsai

Tormenting creatures, violating the rule of “na himsyAth sarva bhUthAni” (one should not harm any creature).

para sthOthram

Praising worldly persons with the speech which is apt to praise bhagavAn.

para dhAra parigraham

Pursuing women who are exclusively existing for others, using love etc.

para dhravya apahAram

Trying to grab the belongings of others without their consent, with or without their knowledge.

asathya kathanam

Speaking what is contrary to truth and what is not good for people.

abhakshya bhakshaNam

Eating what is inflicted with defects based on jAthi (inherent), ASraya (beholder) and nimiththa (specific reason).


Since there are many other aspects which are highlighted in manu smruthi etc as seen in manu smruthi 12.5,

para dhravyEshvapidhdhAnam manasAnishta chinthanam |
vithadhAbhinivESaScha thrividham karmamAnasam ||

Desiring for others’ belongings, thinking about what is undesirable for others, desiring for what is contradictory to vEdham are the three types of sins committed by mind.

pArushyam amrutham chaiva paichunanchaiva sarvaSa: |
anibadhdha pralAbhaScha vAngmayamsyAS chathurvidham ||

Cruel words, lies, accusations, speaking without respecting SAsthram are the four types of sins committed by speech.

adhaththAnAm upAdhAnam himsA chaiva vidhAnatha: |
pAdhArOpasEvAcha SArIram thrividham smrutham ||

Taking an item which was not given with consent by someone, engaging in harmful acts which are not allowed in SAsthram, uniting with the wife of someone else are to be thought as the three types of sins committed by body.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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