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avathArikai (Introduction)

piLLai lOkAchAryar mercifully explains how destruction occurs for both self, and others who observe self, by engaging in these forbidden acts.

sUthram 454

thAn naSikkiRadhu mUnRu apachAraththilum anvayikkaiyAlE; piRar naSikkiRadhu thannai anAdhariththum than anushtAnaththai angIkariththum.

Simple Explanation

Self destruction happens due to engaging in three types of apachArams (offences); others get destroyed due to their disrespecting the self and accepting self’s conduct as valid.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

thAn naSikkiRadhu …

That is – self who has taken shelter under AchAryan’s mercy and is dear to bhagavAn, bhAgavathas and AchAryan, gets destroyed since these acts are not dear to any of them.


since it is not dear to them and since they become part of apachArams.

piRar naSikkaiyAvadhu

Others get destroyed by disrespecting such person who has reached such an ultimate state and is a bhAgavathOththama (best among bhAgavathas), due to being engaged in forbidden acts; and by accepting such person’s conduct to be valid thinking “if such person is engaged in these acts, then these must not be offensive! What will happen to us [if we do these]?”. Those who disrespect, do not know the greatness of bhAgavathas and those who accept such acts are devoid of the knowledge to discriminate between what is apt and inapt.

A question is asked “It is understandable that those who accept these forbidden acts get destroyed. But, why do those who disrespect such a person become destroyed? Isn’t it apt to disrespect when one sees defects?” When a prince has defects, the king can discipline him and accept him; but the same king will punish those who respect that prince; similarly, even if such a person has defects, since he is dear to sarvESvaran, sarvESvaran will discipline him and accept him, but will not tolerate others disrespecting him and since those who disrespect will be destroyed, none should disrespect such a person. If it is said in the context of upAsaka (those who practice bhakthi yOga) as in “apichEthsu dhurAchArO bhajathE mAm ananyabhAk | sAdhurEva samanthavya: samyak vyavasithOhi sa: ||” (Even though one is having very lowly conduct, if one is worshipping me without any other expectations, he is to be considered as best among gyAnis), it is not necessary to explicitly say for such a person who is in the ultimate state; hence, for such a person, forbidden acts are to be fully given up since those will destroy self and others.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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