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avathArikai (Introduction)

When asked “If such enjoyment with one’s wife is done with dharma budhdhi (as righteous duty) instead of bhOgyathA budhdhi (as enjoyment), none of these defects will occur. Will they?” piLLai lOkAchAryar mercifully responds.

sUthram 456

bhOgyathA budhdhi kulaindhu dharma budhdhyA pravarthiththAlum svarUpam kulaiyum.

Simple Explanation

Even if one enjoys with one’s wife as righteous duty instead of material enjoyment, one’s true nature will be destroyed.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

bhOgyathA budhdhi kulaindhu …

That is – in enjoyment [with one’s wife] which is allowed in SAsthram, if one gives up the thought of enjoyment which occurs due to lust/desire, and engages in it considering it to be righteous duty as done by wise elders such as maharishis (great sages) who are upAsakas (practising bhakthi yOgam) thinking “If I don’t unite with my wife when she ovulates for the purpose of eliminating our debt towards ancestors by creating progeny, it will be equivalent to abortion”, for this person who is focussed on sidhdha dharmam (bhagavAn as means), as engaging in other means is a hurdle, one’s true nature in the form of ananya upAyathva (not engaging in other means) will be destroyed. With this – just as when one engages with the thought of enjoyment, it will destroy one’s true nature in the form of ananya bhOgathva (not enjoying anything else other than bhagavAn), if one engages with the thought of righteous duty, it will destroy one’s true nature in the form of ananya upAyathva; thus, for such person who is in this state, enjoyment allowed in SAsthram is not applicable in any manner. Thus, whichever way one may engage in enjoyment, it will lead to destroying the true nature of self; hence, it is to be given up completely.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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