yathIndhra pravaNa prabhAvam – Part 50

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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jIyar matam is burnt down in AzhwAr thirunagari

While periya jIyar was living mercifully with abundant wisdom, some people, who could not tolerate this and who were jealous, in a demonic behaviour, set fire to jIyar’s matam in the middle of the night and ran away. Seeing this, his disciples were despondent and were in great distress. jIyar, taking the form of AdhiSEshan, escaped from the fire without being affected by it and joined his disciples to their utter amazement and joy. The king of that place, upon hearing this, set his guards to find out the offenders to punish them. Just as sIthAppirAtti had told hanuman when he wanted to annihilate the single eyed and singled eared demonic women after rAvaNa was killed in the battle “pApAnAm vA SubhAnAm vA” (Whether it is a sinful deed or it is a virtuous deed…) and asked him to show magnanimity to forgive them, mAmunigaL too, as said in varavaramuni Sathakam 14 “dhEvi lakshmIr bhavasidhayayA vathsalathvEna sathvam ” (you are lakshmi dhEvi because of your qualities of mercy and motherly forbearance), mAmunigAl, through his supreme mercy and forbearance, forgave them. Later, the offenders came, offered their apologies for their deed and surrendered to the divine feet of mAmunigaL, who is an ocean of mercy. They stayed with him for a very long time.

kainkaryams (services) at thirukkurugUr and thirukkuRungudi

The king of that place, hearing about the completeness in wisdom and conduct as well as his omniscient nature etc, with deep affection, came and took refuge under mAmunigaL. jIyar gave him the dhAsyanAmam (after samASrayaNam) of SatakOpadhAsar. He told the king “Have interest in worldly pursuits to the extent of one fourth and interest in mOksham to the extent of remaining three fourths” The king too followed this instruction. He carried out many kainkaryams such as building kALamEgan thirumaNdapam (a divine hall for conducting kAlakshEpam etc), divine streets, divine boundaries etc and made jIyar happy. He also constructed azhagiya maNavALan divine maNdapam.

Subsequently, jIyar went to thirukkuRungudi and showered his mercy on a brAhmaNa, by name thiruvEngadamudaiyAn. He gave him the dhAsyanAmam of thiruvEngadadhAsar and ordained him to carry out kainkaryams at thirukkuRungudi. thiruvEngadadhAsar built separate divine dwelling places for ninRa nambi, irundha nambi and kidandha nambi (there are five vigrahams for thirukkuRUngudi nambi in that place; according to another version of mAmunigaL’s glories, thiruvEngadadhAsar built the divine dwelling places for the other two too, thiruppARkadal nambi and malaimEl nambi). He also built the divine maNdapams for the nambis. Thus, mAmunigaL mercifully arranged decorations, in all possible ways, for both thirukkurugUr nambi (nammAzhwAr) and thirukkuRungudi nambi (sarvESvaran). He also appointed followers in these places who will carry out activities for the enhancement of the nambis in these divine abodes. Then, he decided mercifully to return to kOyil (SrIrangam)

jIyar returns to SrIrangam

He recited the pAsuram

piRandhagaththil sIrAttup peRRAlum thannaich
chiRandhugakkum sIrkaNavan thannai maRandhirukkap
pOmO maNavALar ponnadiyai vittirukka
lAmO kalviyaRindhAl

(Even if one were cherished in one’s place of birth and looked after well, it is possible to forget the happiness that one’s good husband gets when he cherishes her greatly? Is it proper to be separated from the divine golden feet of azhagiya maNavALar (namperumAL), if one had some knowledge?) He immediately sought permission from AzhwAr to return to SrIrangam. He returned to SrIrangam, worshipped periya perumAL, established his philosophy (rAmANuja dharSanam) over other philosophies by engaging appropriately in debates with followers of other philosophies and was living mercifully in the presence of periya perumAL, manifesting his qualities which showed that he is an incarnation of AdhiSEshan.

A highly learned person, by name, appiLLAr, went to northern parts, engaging in debates and winning over followers of other philosophies. He reached a place eRumbi (near shOLingapuram) in order to engage in a debate with eRumbiyappA. After learning about his glories he was amazed. Instead of engaging in a debate with appA, he befriended him and learnt subtle meanings from him. He stayed for there days and decided to leave. appA asked him as to where he was headed for. appiLLai replied “There is a person by name jIyar at SrIrangam. adiyEn would like to see him and engage in a debate with him” Hearing this, appA told him with good intention “It is not correct on dhEvarIr’s part to say this. adiyEn knows jIyar’s glories. He has listened to SrIbhAshyam kAlakshEpam from kidAmbi nAyanAr at perumAL kOyil. At that time, nAyanAr had called adiyEn and asked adiyEn to test jIyar’s capabilities. He is capable of giving upanyAsam (discourse) on all the meanings simultaneously. It is not possible for anyone to engage in a debate with him. On top of that, he is the chief among yathis (ascetics) and one who develops SrIvaishNava dharSanam. We should all be highly venerable towards him. adiyEn will explain at an appropriate time” and sent him.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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