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sandhyAvandhana bhAshyam (Commentary) is based on the contents released in the monthly magazine, SrIvaishNava sudharSanam. The contents shared here are based on the works of SrI u vE K. SrInivAsa iyengAr swAmi, father of SrI u vE S. krishnaswAmi iyengAr who is popularly known as puththUr swAmi (sudharSanar swAmi). swAmi’s works related to sandhyAvandhanam are released as a book with the name “yajur vEdha sandhyAvandhana bhAshyam”.

One who doesn’t perform sandhyAvandhanam is not qualified to do any vaidhika karmam. He will not get any benefit of doing any karma. Hence, doing sandhyAvandhanam thrice every day at appropriate times is very important as that gives qualification to perform other karmas.

sandhyAvandhanam need to be performed as a kainkaryam to SrIman nArAyaNan by SrIvaishNavas. With this above-mentioned purpose, AchArya SrEshtar SrI sudharSana bhattar who is also known as SruthaprakASAchAryar, wrote commentaries on sandhayAvandhanam in sanskrit. Based on this commentary, SrI u vE K. SrInivAsa iyengAr swAmi had written a bhAshyam for sandhyAvandhanam and has taken reference of many AzhwAr’s pAsurams which is special in his work.

This book is an extract of contents from SrI u vE K SrInivAsa iyengAr swAmi’s bhAshyam on sandhyAvandhanam. For sandhyAvandhanam procedure, refer to .

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