yathIndhra pravaNa prabhAvam – Part 102

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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The urge of eRumbiyappA

Later, eRumbiyappA too heard about the divine ascension of jIyar and as brought out by the SlOkam

varavaramuni pathirmE thadhpadhayugamEva SaraNamanurUpam
thasyaiva charaNayugaLE paricharaNam prApyamithi nanuprAptham

(maNavALa mAmunigaL is adiyEn’s swAmy; his divine lotus-like feet are the means to attain the ultimate benefit [of reaching SrIvaikuNtam]; the kainkaryam to his lotus-like feet are the ultimate benefit, which has been attained by adiyEn. This is my firm belief too), was deeply devoted to his AchAryan. He was unable to tolerate the separation from his AchAryan. The separation caused him to compose the pAsurams

vapuravi: sapadhimadhIyam varavaramunivarya mOchanIyamitham
paricharathi nahibhavantham bhagavaninahi bhagavadhabhimathA napivA
(Oh maNavALa mAmuni, who is complete in all auspicious qualities! This form of adiyEn’s is fit to be released by dhEvarIr; adiyEn has not been fortunate to carry out kainkaryam to dhEvarIr with this body; adiyEn has not carried out kainkaryam with this to the followers of emperumAnAr too)

ithipunarEsha vithannabhithuri tharadhidhUranimnapatharUda:
varavaramunivara karuNAm nignan padhanrupasuraSnuthE niyamAn

(Despite having knowledge, I was desirous in sinful activities such that people would say “He is an animal in the form of a human”; adiyEn was in a very lowly state, destroying the mercy showered on adiyEn by maNavALa mAmunigaL and experiencing the results of such sinful deeds)

Ayurapaharathi jagathAm ayamudhayam vilayamapibhajan bhAnu:
mayipunarithama nruSamsO varavaramunivarya varthayathyEva

(Oh maNavALa mAmuni! This sUriyan (sun) is creating dawn and dusk [sunrise and sunset], thus stealing the life of the worlds; however, in adiyEn’s matter alone, he is doing a cruel act by increasing adiyEn’s life in this world)

thadhitha: paramanurUpam naviLambithumithi chinthayanthayayA
malabhajanAdhithOmAm varavaramunivarya mOchayadhvaritham

(Hence, oh maNavALa mAmuni! In adiyEn’s matter, it is not apt to delay further; with mercy in dhEvarIr’s divine mind, please release adiyEn from this obnoxious form). His urge was very high; being totally dependent on experiencing the rich qualities of jIyar and having the great desire to carry out kainkaryam to him, the separation from jIyar and staying in samsAram for eRumbiyappA was similar to the distress which (sIthAp)pirAtti had when being separated from SrI rAma and staying in rAvaNa’s aSOka vanam. Just as it has been said in thiruviruththam pAsuram 1 “poynninRa gyAnamum pollA ozhukkum azhukkudambum inninRa nIrmai iniyAm uRamai” (I cannot stand this falsified knowledge, the improper conduct and impure body), thiruvAimozhi pAsuram “kUvik koLLum kAlam innam kuRugAdhO” (will the time to recall me not get reduced?), “AvikkOr paRRukkombu ninnalAl aRiginrilEn yAn” (I do not know of any support for the soul other than you), he had a great urge which will not remain until attaining [reaching the divine feet of his AchAryan]. Even a day was the equivalent of a thousand eons; he kept reciting the divine name of mAmunigaL, being bewildered often and losing consciousness and remained that way.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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