Story of varadha’s emergence 5

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

Story of varadha’s emergence

<< Part 4

Though installed by the omnipresent God as the chief of fourteen worlds, brahmA had to wander in the earth consequent to the curse by the preceptor of dhEvas.

Who would not be upset and saddened if sacked from post and power, and that too a prized position of brahmA?

brahmA acquires the status of creator of worlds after worshipping God for thousand crore yugAs. The seat of brahmA is a great treasure obtained after hard labour and travail.

brahmA pondered…  “To retain the position thousand aSwamEdha have to be performed! Ok! It is mandatory that thousand sacred fires have to be raised. Leave alone the test of safeguarding position. Why not endeavour to have glimpse of God?”

He came to bhAratha dhESam and was searching for the right place for the yAgams. Performance of yAgam – this thought tormented him like clueless poser.

brahmA met with failure and disappointment when he attempted to experience God on his own strength and efforts earlier. He was grief stricken and looked like a disappointed child crying, while attempting and failing to catch the high moon.

He then realized and wisdom dawned on him – “It is an unrealistic task to get at God by own efforts. We can reach Him only with His help and grace”.

Faith in Him is the only way. He will show the path and lead. brahmA was convinced. With this realisation, padhmAsanan (the Lotus seated lord brahmA) took this right decision in the rough situation.

Just then, he heard the divine voice “Well? How are you brahmA?” It didn’t take time for brahmA to recognize the voice (aSarIrI).

This is the Supreme Head of all (nArAyaNa) whom brahmA waited and desired to have audience of.

“My Lord! Why ask me if I am well? You know about me more than I know about myself. You, the omnipresent, are seated within everybody and you know everything. vEdhAntha declares “yas sarvagya sarva vith..”-  that you are aware of everything.

mAthA pithA bhrAthA nivAsas charanam suhruth gathi nArAyaNa” – You are everything to us; you are venerable mother, father and kin. You are wealth.

But we get oblivious of you and consider ourselves as great and suffer from boosted self-image (of I, Mine).

I carry out the job of creation as assigned by You. However, forgetting the fact that you reside inside me and execute everything (as antharyAmi), I had become headstrong and concluded there is no bigger force than me.

By your divine grace only, I the commoner occupy the position of brahmA. But never had I been grateful to you.

Holy Dictum from scriptures says one must not seek and demand from God. We must go him only for expressing our gratitude for all that He has provided us. On the contrary we worship you only to entreat and implore.

We have never been bothered about the grief and torment our ignorance would have caused in your heart.

Today I have reaped the apt reward, the punishment. Wife left me. bruhaspathi rendered a curse & I lost my chair. It is imperative I have to perform 1000 aSwamEDha yAgams. I am entrapped in this compulsion to perform yAgam.

To perform yAgam, one must become pure of heart and thoughts. Purity results from penance, which in turn requires controlling a mind and body (sensory and other organs). However, standing on one leg with folded hands, controlling of breath does not make my mind befitting, worthy of your glimpse, who is seated in my heart (antharyAmi).

I have totally been defeated. I am like a thirsty deer running towards mirage in search of water – so lamented brahmA.

Sound of laughter from aSarIrI. One time enquiry about your welfare has brought out your entire episode. You have acted like some ordinary men under similar situations. Don’t panic. I intend to alleviate your grief. I do understand that you are struggling to control your mind and converge your thoughts, but unsuccessfully. For long you have been enjoying only the pleasures of your position. Your sufferings now are because of this and your karma (what one is destined to undergo).

bruhaspathi has justifiably ordained that you have to execute 1000 aSwamEdha. Only then you will attain tranquillity of mind.

Bewildered and dumbfounded was vANIsan (husband of vANi – brahmA).

It was a miracle that his heart was not shattered to pieces.

Quickly the voice from heaven consolingly started showering encouraging words to alleviate brahmA’s dread.

“Oh Four faced! Your woes are understandable. It is difficult to perform even one aSwamEdha. If it is 1000, words cannot describe the misery. You will undergo sufferings even due to delay involved.

Fear not! Listen to me. I will show you an easy way out. There is a place which gives you the fruit of not 1000 but one crore yAgams by just effecting one yAgam. Shall I name the place?

brahmA kneeled with folded hands. Looked skywards. Wiped off his tears and started speaking.

My Lord! Please mention the place right away. This slave of yours would leave without hesitation.

After a brief silence, aSarIrI in a high decibel uttered “Go to sathya vratha kshEthram. Sri hasthigiri is your refuge and shelter. Do penance there.

brahmA blissfully started walking southwards. He uttered once “sathya vratha kshEthram – SrI hasthigiri”. It tasted sweet like honey, milk, sugar and nectar.

We would also march into the next episode, our mouth chanting sathya vratha kshEthram – SrI hasthigiri

adiyen thOthAdri thirumalai rAmAnuja dAsan


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