Story of varadha’s emergence 9

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

Story of varadha’s emergence

<< Part 8

dhIpa prakAsan ….

thiruthaNkA, the divine sacred site in kAnchi is His abode even this day. It is so named because there are many gardens that made the place cool. It is the privileged birth place of Sri vEdhAntha dhEsikan.

The Almighty heeding to the prayer of brahmA, appeared as light of high intensity and chased away the darkness induced by champarAsura who was plotting to spoil the yAgam.

God thus protected all those assembled. brahmA and the rest lauded and extolled the compassion and charity of God who emerged as light to shield and save them.

purANa offers an explanation for the name…

prakASitham jagathsarvam yath dhIpApEna vishNunA|
thasmAth dhIpa prakASAkhyAm labathe purushOththama||”

– With his unmatched radiance, He makes the whole world shine and hence imbibes the name “dhIpa prakAsan”.

He had the appearance of a ball of fire. But still He caused no harm or hindrance to anyone or to the hall where the yAgam was to commence. He was furnishing only light.

purANa says

na thadhAha thadhA sAlAm thadhadhbhuthamivAbhavath” – Any other matter famously associated with light was no match for His lustre and glitter.

The sun, the moon, stars, lightning or fire would appear dull and dim in His presence.

He is addressed as dhEva also because He has this brilliant lustre. krishNa too, in gIthA, avers “dhivi sUrya sahasrasya bhavEth yugapadhudhithA! yathi bhAssadhruchI sA syAth bhAsasthasya mahAthmana” –   (if innumerable suns, all at once should appear in the sky, then that matches His brightness vaguely)

upanishadhs declare that He is “bhArUpa:” (the embodiment of light, personification of light)

AzhwArs also celebrate Him with similar sentiments . . .

kadhirAyiramiravi kalandheriththAloththa nIL mudiyAn”  (His long hair’s glow is equivalent to the burning of a thousand suns together), “sOthi veLLaththinuLLe ezhuvathOroru”.. (Emergence from a flood of light).

dhEsikan in his “SaraNAgathi dhIpikA” showers encomium on the fame, grace and virtues of this Lord famously known as “viLakkoLi” (Light of lamp) and dhIpa prakAsan.

God intensely brilliant, a fountain of light was praised by brahmA in many ways. Pleased with the eulogies offered by brahmA, God offered His blessings to brahmA. asuras plot and plan were smashed and demolished.

In spite of facing defeat repeatedly asuras would not give up, but keep trying again and again. They made another effort to harm the yAgam.

They gathered again with the intention of going to yAgaSAlA enmasse, invading the place. They contemplated to destroy everything in a moment.

brahmA was disheartened by this obstacle again by the foes, after dhIpa prakAsan earlier arrived to eradicate the woes and agony. But he got consoled by his immense faith in God.

brahmA saw the massive army of asurAs marching. He kept saying to Himself “This will also pass – by His divine grace”

Just then something arose from yAgaSAlA with a thunderous roar.

What was that?

In the next part…

adiyen thOthAdri thirumalai rAmAnuja dAsan


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