Story of varadha’s emergence 8

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

Story of varadha’s emergence

<< Part 7

Learning the reason from vaSishta, brahmA stood harried, not knowing what to do. This place had been promptly made ready, decorated and invitations had been sent. They were awaiting the word “Go” to start. Then what was it vaSishta uttered that made brahmA aghast?

In fact brahmA ignored an aspect or may be kept postponing consideration of this and eventually forgot about this.

vaSishta got reminded of this and conveyed to brahmA. It was indeed and important requisite. That is why brahmA was troubled on hearing it.

“The yAgam has to be performed in the company of spouse, life partner. But she has gone to the banks of river saraswathi for the penance.

It is the wife who stays with a man and helps him executing holy rituals (sahadharmachAriNi). How is a yAgam possible without her?”

This is what vaSishta spoke.

brahmA pondered over this for a while and then addressed the gathering –  I am planning such a massive yAgam. This message would have reached all the fourteen worlds. The irate saraswathi, who has ventured into penance, would also have known this. Wont’ she come on her own?

Unable to reply, audience sat mum.

brahmA’s ego did not permit him to invite her. vaSishta grasped the situation. The son advised the father. The son assured father that he would strive to bring saraswathi.  He would tell her that brahmA had asked him to invite her on his behalf and bring her.

saraswathi might have got scent of vaSishta’s approach. She waited for vaSishta to arrive so that she could unveil her grievances.

But asuras (demons) avenge to happening of any good, feared the chance of saraswathi attending yAgam. They were determined to stop her at any cost. If the yAgam was completed commendably then issues daunting rishis, munis and dhEvas would be settled amicably. brahmA and bruhaspathi also would have their problem solved. It was not to the liking and advantage of asurAs. So, they were engaged seriously in stopping the yAgam. They would go to any extent to achieve this.

vaSishta went to saraswathi to invite her. He prostrated before her and politely conveyed to her the purpose of his meeting her.

saraswathi, who was confused due to the wrangle with her husband pondered – to go or not to go. She ultimately affirmed she would not go with vaSishta.

She did not heed to vaSishta’s appeal and counsel and refused to change her mind.

vaSishta, with his head drooping in frustration, narrated the happenings to brahmA.

Rolling his eye balls in contemplation brahmA analysed. She refuses to come. But there can be no rethinking on yAgam. Let us not panic. We can start the yAgam with my other wives like sAvithri. He made arrangements for commencement.

asuras had the impression that yAgam would not take off if saraswathi did not attend. They were disappointed and felt defeated. They never imagined brahmA would begin yAgam in the company of other wives.

“It is not lost. We would indulge in some mischief that too using saraswathi” – decided asuras. Disguised and covering their identity they approached saraswathi. They attempted to brainwash saraswathi through fabricated, concocted stories.

brahmA was giving prominence to other wives including sAvithri. It was an insult and injustice to her. saraswathi believed that asuras were uttering the truth. She started thinking of means that could thwart the performance of yAgam.

asuras would mar the penance with the help of champAsura.

champAsura happily agreed to their evil design. He planned to ruin the vELvi in an unusual manner by making himself invisible to the eye. What strange plan was that?

He made the yAgam hall pitch dark and nothing was visible. Not only things, brahmA and others could not see each other in the darkness.

Incompetent and unable to act, brahmA recalled wise counselling of SAsthram – “mahadhyApaththi samprApthe smarthavya bhagavAn hari:” – In times of grave danger, meditate on Sri Hari!! With folded hands he started praying.

God is the destroyer of dangers and an ally during crisis. Would He not come now to the rescue?

An indescribable, blinding brilliance flashed. Darkness that caused fear and terror among people, hurriedly made a retreat when light showed.

brahmA was wonderstruck, stood with his mouth widened. He calmed himself slowly. He pronounced a word emphatically that was heard by everybody “dhIpaprakAsan” was the word.

But who is He?


adiyen thOthAdri thirumalai rAmAnuja dAsan


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