Story of varadha’s emergence 14-2

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

Story of varadha’s emergence

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Appearing as a mount of gold rising, “puNya kOti vimAna” (God’s vehicle) appeared. Inside appeared varadhan as a flood of light which would put to shame even the sun.

chaItra mAsi sithE pakshE chathurdhasyAm thithau munE:
ShObhanE hastha nakshathrE ravivAra samanvithE|
vapAhOmE pravruththE thu prAthas savana kAlikE:
hAthuraththara vEdhyantha : prAthurAseeth janArdhana||”

In the month of chithrA on a Sunday, appeared mAmanivaNNan. It was the fourth day after new moon under auspicious hastha star.

During the time of prAthas savana, God became the feast to brahmA’s eyes.

vELvi has to be performed three times in the morning, mid noon and evening. Respectively, these are known as prAthas savanam, madhyAhnika savanam and sAyam savanam.

Morning yAga mandates employing the flesh from inner part of animal.

It was at that time pErarurALan (varadhan) generously and charitably arrived.

nArAyaNan himself has appeared as varadhan.

The Almighty God, bearing in His arms, conch, Wheel and gadhA (mace) has now taken the form of varadhan for our sake.

The light that is the essence and substance of vEdhAntha has now come from our sake (as varadhan). The one who will show us the path upwards (to vaikuNtam) has descended down for our sake. All were glorifying varadhan on seeing Him.

All assembled there lost themselves in the graceful charm of varadhan who reminded “manjuyar ponmalai mElezhundha mAmugil” – a big cloud on top of a high mountain of gold.

brahmA on seeing Him who is normally not detectable by one eyes, turned crazy, it appeared.

thirumangai AzhwAr grumbles “aththA ariyE enRazhaikka piththA enRu pEsuginrAr piRar ennai” – If I keep talking to you terming you as father, king etc, others call me insane. Those at the peak of devotion (Bhakthi) would be mad in the eyes of onlookers.

nAradha bhakthi sUthra describes three traits of bhakthi – unmaththavath, jadavath & piSAchavath.

Experience of bhakthi (fondness and dedication to God) may vary from person to person. It makes some wonder around without sticking to a place, makes them seem deranged. It keeps some one else fixed on the same spot as an inanimate object and some others like a phantom.

mIrA hO gayI magan.. Oh gali gali hariguN gAne lagI

(mIrA was mad after kannan (krishNa). She roamed around streets singing the merits and virtues of hari). This devotion of mIrA pouring out as bhajans illustrates “unmaththa” state.

jata bharatha was an outstanding bhaktha, stayed glued to a spot insensitive to surroundings. This is an example of Jadavath bhakthi.  Sankara bhagavathpAdha wonders if there is anything beyond the power of bhakthi.

The sight of varadhan made brahmA amazed and dumb founded. Like a man, hungry for days together, would react on seeing food, ayan’s eyes feasted on varadhan. His mouth was pouring out “ArAvamudhE!  ArAvamudhE!”.

Tears of joy rolling out from his eyes, his body quivering, not knowing what to do, running wither and thither. brahmA had his eyes fixed on varadhan, as though he was devouring Him through his eyes.

Occasionally, he clapped his hands and letting one or two words “varadharAjA!! dEvarAjA!! dAyAnidhi!! pErarurALA!!” (Different titles for Lord varadhan), dancing and circling him (doing pradhakshiNam) while in that process, now and there unwittingly he orbited anticlockwise also (apradhakshiNam).

purANA vividly pictured the state of brahmA –

pradakshiNam praithi thadhApradakshiNam prayAthi dhUram punarEthi sannidhim|
karENa pasparsa mamArja thathvapu: priyENa gAtam parishasvajE kshaNam||”

Scriptures also justify this state –

athyantha bhakthi yukthasya na SAsthram naiva cha krama:

SAsthras, Rules, regulations and the like certainly do not have any control or hold over those having immense devotion (bhakthi).

brahmA wondered, “varadha looks so graceful and elegant from close quarters. From afar?”

Right away he went farther and caught sight of Him.

He looked even more handsome. Again he went a distance away  worshipped. He went close to varadha and stroked his fingers on Him, squeezed Him gently on his cheeks, hugged Him. But embracing child varadha firmly would be hurting, feared brahmA. So he withdrew his hands. People around was wonderstruck by brahmA’s acts. The four faced paid an emotional tribute to varadhan in a wobbling, trembling voice.

How exactly?

In the next part…

adiyen thOthAdri thirumalai rAmAnuja dAsan


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