yathIndhra pravaNa prabhAvam – Part 41

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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thirumanjanam appA’s daughter takes refuge under jIyar

One early morning, when jIyar was going towards kAvEri for his divine bath, it started raining heavily, unexpectedly. Hence, jIyar waited near the pedestal of a house, for the rain to stop. Seeing this, the wife of the owner of the house, with utmost affection towards jIyar, cleaned the pedestal with the border portion of her sari and requested him “swAmy, please sit here, mercifully” and worshipped his feet with utmost humility and devotion. jIyar left his sandals near the place where he was standing and sat on the pedestal. The lady took the sandals which were getting drenched in the rain, kept them on top of her head and stood there, with the water from the sandals drenching her. Then she dried the sandals with the border of her sari. Seeing all these, jIyar asked her “Who are you? What is your name? Whose house is this?” She said “adiyEn is the daughter of thirumanjanam appA who has connection with dhEvarIr’s divine feet. adiyEn’s name is Achchi. This is the house of his son-in-law kandhAdai ayyangAr”. Feeling very happy on hearing appA’s name, jIyar said “Oh, our appAchchiyAr! [daughter of our appA]”, blessed her with his divine mercy and left for kAvEri once rain stopped.

Achchi, having been soaked with water from the divine sandals of jIyar, got [bhagavath] knowledge at once. She wanted to take refuge under jIyar’s divine feet immediately. She went to her father’s house and informed him about this. He felt very happy and told her that her sons should not be aware of this. Intending to keep her in his house without anyone knowing about it after taking refuge under jIyar’s divine feet, he took her to jIyar’s divine house. Prostrating before jIyar, he told jIyar about his decision. jIyar told him “Should we not look at the aspect of being connected to the clan of kandhAdai ayyangArs? This will not work out” [kandhAdai ayyangArs hail from mudhaliyAndAn’s clan and are themselves AchAryars]. thirumanjanam appA did not feel let down in his mind. He made a fervent appeal to jIyar telling him about his daughter’s involvement in bhagavath matters, her great desire [to take refuge under jIyar] and her appeal. He told jIyar “The hurdles which dhEvarIr thinks of, will not occur. Please show mercy towards her”. jIyar thought “Probably through her, the entire divine clan of kandhAdai would get benefitted” and carried out samASrayaNam (an AchAryan accepting a person as a disciple by carrying out five samskArams (rituals), namely thApa (applying the divine symbols of Sankha and chakra, namely divine conch and divine disc on the shoulders), puNdra (applying twelve uRdhva puNdrams, vertical symbols on the body of the person), nAma (giving a name befitting a servitor), manthra (teaching the three esoteric manthras) and yAga (carrying out daily worshipping of emperumAn)) for Achchi. appA took her to his residence, keeping her there for a few days, telling her sons aNNA and others some other reason for keeping her there. This incident of Achchi getting to be blessed by the flowing water from jIyar’s divine sandals was captured by people in the following SlOkam

SrIpAdhukAmbujanithAthma vivEkaranga bhUnAtha thIrtha jaladhAthajamAthrudhEvam
dhvandhvachchitham nikhiladhESika vandhyapAdham saumyOpayanthru munivaryamaham namAmi

(I bow down to azhagiya maNavALa mAmunivar who became the AchAryan for thirumanja appA’s daughter Achchi due to her getting intelligence as a result of being washed with the water flowing from his divine sandals, who severs twin effects such as hot/cold, happiness/sadness etc and who is worshipped by all AchAryars).

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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