yathIndhra pravaNa prabhAvam – Part 98

SrI: SrImathE SatakOpAya nama: SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama: SrImadh varavaramunayE nama:

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periya jIyar mercifully listens to nAlAyiram in his charama (final) stage

Later, he mercifully called his disciples individually and told them favourable instructions. When four days remained for him to ascend the upper world of SrI vaikuNtam which is referred to as kalangAp perunagaram (great place which does not cause any bewilderment) and carry out faultless service to emperumAn, without ever closing the eyes, he told jIyar nAyanAr and other disciples to recite nAlAyiram (dhivya prabandham). They also started reciting the pAsurams. Hearing these pAsurams, jIyar, with joy, recited thirunedundhANdagam 14th pAsuram verse “vaLarthadhanAl payan peRREn” (I attained the benefit of nurturing); he bowed his head, closed his eyes and kept meditating on the meanings of the divine pAsurams. kandhAdai aNNan went near him and asked him mercifully “What is dhEvarIr thinking of now, in dhEvarIr’s divine mind?” jIyar replied saying “The tasteful meaning of Idu (commentary for thiruvAimozhi) is flowing through the mind”. As these events were taking place, he reached the stage when the pAsuram maruLozhi madanenjE (thiruvAimozhi 10.6.1) (Oh heart! Get rid of your ignorance) was recited. It was dhvAdhaSi (twelfth day after paurNami), the day after EkAdhaSi (eleventh day). He sent word for uththama nambi and all the other temple kainkaryaparars (those carrying out kainkaryam in the temple) and told them “You should forgive all my offences” to which they said “Could dhEvarIr ever commit an offence?”. He then told them “Carry out all the SrIkAryams (divine activities) for periya perumAL without any shortcoming; support SrIvaishNavas”; he offered all his thiruvArAdhana emperumAns, vigrahas of AchAryas, divine books, various other accessories and the matam too to namperumAL as said in yasyaithE thayathathdhanam (gifting all the materials in the conditions in which they were). He then carried out thadhiyArAdhanam (worshipping followers) by offering them divine food and sacred water, and seeking their apology for offences that he might have committed. Just as birds would protect a fully matured and aged tree, his disciples worshipped him with anjalihastham (hands cupped in salutation).

Soon, the sun set; he carried out the activities to be performed at that time. He meditated on his AchArya, thiruvAImozhippiLLai, saying “piLLai thiruvadigaLE SaraNam (I take refuge under the divine feet of thiruvAimozhip piLLai), vAzhi ulagAsiriyan (let piLLai lOkAchAriyAr live for ever)” He reclined on the wooden back support, being unable to control himself. All the disciples, related to his divine feet, recited brahmavalli, bhruguvalli (chapters from thaiththirIya upanishath), with folded hands; they recited sUzhvisumbu aNi mugil (thiruvAimozhi 10.9.1), archirAdhi (esoteric text of piLLai lOkAchAriyar) and irAmAnusa nURRandhAdhi. As they reached the 108th pAsuram of nURRandhAdhi angayal pAy vayal thennarangan, he mercifully listened to that and with folded hands, said, “emperumAnAr thiruvadigaLE SaraNam” (I take refuge under the divine feet of rAmANujar), closing his eyes in meditation.

jIyar mercifully ascends to thirunAdu (SrIvaikuNtam)

Just as jIyar had wished for, with kanakagiri mEl kariya mugil pOl vinathai siRuvan mERkoNdu (emperumAn sitting atop garuda, the son of vinathai, similar to a dark cloud on top of a golden mountain) and endhai thiruvarangar ErAr garudan mEl vandhu mugam kAtti vazhi nadaththa (my lord, SrI ranganAtha, guiding, manifesting his divine face on top of the beautiful garuda), periya perumAL came atop garuda, keeping his divine feet on his [mAmunigaL’s] divine head, manifesting his divine form like a huge cloud on top of an eminent golden mountain; jIyar experienced that as mercifully allowed by perumAL, as said in “un saraNam thandhu en sanmam kaLaiyAyE” (remove my cycle of births by offering your divine feet), “sukhEnEmAm prakruthim sthUla sUkshma rUpAm visrujya” (get rid of my subtle and gross forms connected to this primordial matter and make me happy), “nOygaLAl nalangAmal sadhirAga un thiruththAL thA ” (give me your divine feet without making me undergo the torture of diseases). He got rid of his wonderfully enjoyable divine form, received acceptance, just as it has been said in “mAdhavan than thuNaiyAga nadandhAL” (she walked with the companionship of perumAL), “arangaththu uRaiyum inthuNaivanOdum pOy” (going along with the sweet perumAL who resides in SrIrangam) and with hArdhdhan guiding him with periya perumAL sitting atop garuda, he entered the sushumnA nAdi (the 101st nerve which takes the AthmA to SrIvaikuNtam), broke open the Sira kapAlam (skull on top of the head) and ascended the thirunAdu (SrIvaikuNtam) through brahmaranthram (fontanelle, the aperture in the crown of one’s head).

Subsequently, periya perumAL too, just as it has been said in “visrujya lakshmaNam rAmO dhukkaSOka samanvitha:” (SrI rAma, after separating from lakshmaNa, came under the control of sorrow and sadness), “saumithrErmE sakalu bhagavAn saumya jAmAthru yOgi” (maNavALa mAmunigaL is indeed iLaiya perumAL (lakshmaNa)), allowed jIyar to ascend, did not eat anything, feeling distressed. All the disciples who had connection with jIyar’s divine feet appealed to perumAL, asking whether it was proper that jIyar had to depart; they were wilting, unable to contain this sorrow, with disciples consoling one another. They then recited the following SlOkam so that everyone will know the final moments

kumbham pAsvathi yAthi thathsuthadhinE pakshE vaLarkshEtharE
dhvAdhaSyAm SravaNarkshabhAji rudhirOthkAryAkhya samvathsarE
dhIbhakthyAdhi guNArNavO yathivarAdhIna akhilAthmasthithi
SrIvaikuNtamakuNta vaibhavamagAdh kanthOpayanthA muni:

(maNavALa mAmunigaL,  who was like a great ocean for qualities such as knowledge, devotion, detachment and who had all the stages which were exclusive for emperumAnAr, attained SrIvaikuNtam which has unlimited greatness, on the dhvAdhaSi day of krishNapaksham, in the year rudhirOthkAri, when sun reached kumbha rAsi (month of kumbham), on a Saturday).

Further, they also recited a pAsuram which details his time of incarnation as well as time of divine ascension to SrIvaikuNtam

AsilAdha maNavALa mAmuniyaNNal bhUmiyuRu aippasiyil thirUmUlam
thEsanALadhu vandhu aruL seydha nam thiruvAimozhip piLLai thAn
IsanAgi ezhubaththu mUvAndu evvuyirgaLaiyum uyviththu vAzhndhanan
mAsi mAlpakkaththu dhuvAdhasi mAmaNi maNdapaththu eydhinan vAzhiyE

(the faultless maNavALa mAmunigaL, incarnated on the earth in the month of aippasi (thulA mAsam), mUla nakshathram; he had thiruvAimozhip piLLai as his lord; he lived for seventy three years in order to uplift everyone; he ascended to the divine mAmaNi maNdapam (divine hall made of gemstones, in SrIvaikuNtam) in the month of mAsi, on the dhvAdhaSi day of krishNa paksham, in SravaNam star. May he live long).

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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