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avathArikai (Introduction)

When asked “Is there proof for these three types of personalities [who surrender to bhagavAn]?” piLLai lOkAchAryar is quoting a SlOkam which was mercifully said by parASara bhattar.

sUthram 49

“avidhyAtha:” engiRa SlOkaththilE immUnRum solliRRu.

Simple Explanation

In the SlOkam starting with “avidhyAtha:”, these three types of personalities are explained.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

“avidhyAtha:” …

avidhyAthO dhEvE paribrutathayAvA vidhithayA svabhakthEr bhUmnAvA jagathi gathimanyAma vidhUshAm gathir gamyaSchAsau haririthi jithanthAhvaya manO rahasyam vyAjahrE sakalu bhagavAn Saunaka muni:” (bhagavAn remains as the upAyam (means) and upEyam (goal) for those who know no other upAyam than bhagavAn in this world and who, due to their ignorance, great knowledge or overwhelming devotion, know that bhagavAn is inconceivable – bhagavAn Saunaka muni thus mercifully explained the meaning of jithanthA manthram which is most confidential).

The meaning of this SlOkam was mercifully explained by periyavAchchAn piLLai [in the preface of the commentary for jithanthA sthOthram starting with “bhattar mercifully explained that three types of personalities, viz. agyar, sarvagyar and bhakthi paravaSar are qualified to perform prapaththi” and further said “The omniscient Saunaka bhagavAn explains the meaning of the most confidential jithanthA sthOthram as seen in ‘agyan – one who lacks knowledge and ability to attain bhagavAn; sarvagyan – as he knows that ISvaran cannot be limited by place, time and entities, he thinks that ISvaran cannot be attained through any means other than prapaththi; bhakthi paravaSan – though he has knowledge and ability, he cannot properly pursue any other means; all these three types of personalities know no other upAyam than bhagavAn; sarvESvaran remains the means and end for them’ ! “]

Previously when piLLai lOkAchAryar said in sUthram 43 “gyAnAdhikyaththAlE prapannar“, the primary reason for prapaththi of the gyAnAdhikars (knowledgeable ones), was said to be svarUpa yAthAthmya gyAnam (in-depth knowledge about the true nature of the self); in this SlOkam, the primary reason for prapaththi is said to be “bhagavath ananya sAdhyathva gyAnam” (the knowledge that bhagavAn cannot be attained through any means other than himself); hence, for gyAnAdhikars who surrender highlighting their ananya gathithvam (lack of any other refuge), both should be considered as primary reasons.

Can we not apply the same reason in previous explanation also? No, it cannot be done; that is because, it won’t match the sUthram 45 “immUnRum mUnRu thathvaththaiyum paRRi varum” (These three aspects are caused based on the three entities (achith, chith and ISvara)).

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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