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When said “In this manner, enjoying others’ wives etc are cause for destruction of self and others due to being forbidden in SAsthram; unlike that, there should be nothing wrong in enjoying one’s own wife which is allowed in SAsthram” piLLai lOkAchAryar mercifully explains.

sUthram 455

vihithabhOgam nishidhdha bhOgam pOlE lOka virudhdhamum anRu; narakahEthuvum anRu; Ayirukkach cheydhE svarUpa virudhdhamumAy vedhAntha virudhdhamumAy SishtagarhithamumAy prApya prathibandhagamumAy irukkaiyAlE thyAjyam.

Simple Explanation

Enjoyment allowed in SAsthram (within married life) is neither contrary to worldly discipline like forbidden enjoyment nor it leads to hell; still, it is contrary to the true nature of the self, contrary to (principles of) vEdhAntham, censured by wise elders and is a hurdle for the goal; hence it is to be given up.

vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

vihitha bhOgam …

That is – enjoyment with one’s own wife which is ordained by SAsthram which is meant for the collective entity of AthmA with body and senses, is neither contrary to worldly discipline like forbidden enjoyment such as enjoying someone else’s wife nor it will lead to cruel and sorrowful experience in hell such as having to embrace a molten copper statue of a woman [for seeking others’ wives]; though it is not having the visually perceivable and after-life aspects such as being contrary to worldly discipline and leading to hell, it is

  • contrary to the true nature of the self, that is to not enjoy anything else other than bhagavAn
  • contrary to the principles revealed in vEdhAntham – as said in bruhadhAraNyaka upanishath 9.4 “SAnthO dhAntha upAthas thithukshus samAhithO bhUthvA Athman yEvAthmAnam paSyEth |” (Having control over external senses and mind, without pride of having such self-control, having the senses focus on the AthmA, being free from all actions, one should see paramAthmA inside AthmA) and in thirumanthram etc, vEdhAntham is showing that worldly enjoyment is not applicable for both upAsaka (bhakthi yOgi) and prappanna (SaraNAgatha).
  • reason to be censured as lowly aspects by wise elders who are having very good  conduct and are being disgusted by these aspects having seen their defects and ineptness
  • a hurdle for the goal of bringing joy in the face of AchAryan who is detached on inapt aspects, since it is undesirable for him.

Since, engaging in these acts lead to many disasters for the AthmA, they should be given up by those who are dependent on AchAryan’s mercy.

adiyen sarathy ramanuja dasan

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